Dig! Chop! Clip! Green & White & Fight

 photo a-9-2784_zpsb8fdca9f.jpg
Dig.  Move.  Chop.  Clip.   Another load to the green waste bin!
 photo a-8-2758_zpscf636f69.jpg

 photo a-9-2786_zpsddaec0bc.jpg

 photo a-8-2760_zps9cc27978.jpg
While I work, the puppies keep each other company by fighting as loudly as possible so I will stop and come to see what they are doing.    
 photo a-9-2766_zpsd26227b9.jpg

 photo a-9-2768_zps9e682918.jpg

 photo a-9-2767_zpsc4f17471.jpg 
Okay, they haven't killed each other.  Back to work.
 photo a-9-2790_zps6bfd692d.jpg


  1. Gorgeous flower photos of green and white, refreshing... and the puppies are cute too!
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. I would love to be working in the garden now! What plant produces the white blossoms over a carpet of silver, shown in the two photos?

    1. Hi Alan, that is Pyrethropsis hosmariense (Moroccan Daisy) aka Rhodanthemum hosmariense, an exquisite little plant.

  3. Your photography is just beautiful! My dogs sometimes wrestle right next to me when I'm in the garden so I have to stop to see them. It's all very strategic. Thanks for another fabulous post! :o)

    1. Our dogs know exactly what they are doing, don't they?

  4. A nice green collar on the pups and they would fit your theme. I love your green hellebores. Mine are kind of tatty looking.

    1. The Hellebores look great this year--they must like extreme drought. Glad something does...Collars, yes the puppies think collars are delicious. I gave up on collars after they ate the third set.

  5. These fighting puppies are just gorgeous.


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