Pruning Continues

Full again:
 photo a-21-2963_zpsfeb72e14.jpg
I am gardening much more than garden blogging this month.  Lots of cleaned-up roses, just a few flowers.  Since the bins are full until pick up tomorrow, there was time to take a few photos.
 photo a-21-2961_zpsf35310ae.jpg
Good quality in spite of the July-type heat from the lone remaining 'Jubilee Celebration' bloom:
 photo a-21-2998_zps7245a70c.jpg 
The milkweed plants are enjoying a break from being eaten up by Monarch caterpillars, though I saw a butterfly fluttering around yesterday.
 photo a-21-2973_zpsc2e9ce90.jpg 

 photo a-21-2976_zpsc1f71176.jpg
Aloe striata.
 photo a-21-2981_zps65f4ab83.jpg  
'Comtesse de Provence', ragged and rusty, is next for the secateurs.  What's that odd flower on the left?  Has the Comtesse sported?
 photo a-21-sport2992_zps36349307.jpg

Nice variation, but the plant itself is so poor, gangly and disease-ridden.  No wonder the flowers are so gorgeous--they must make up for the plant.
 photo a-21-sport2996_zpse9ec6202.jpg
Whatever ate the tender baby lettuce was starting in on the micro-greens.  The compost sieve is a perfect barrier.  Ha ha ha Mr. Squirrel!  No micro greens for you. 
 photo a-21-3000_zps1a196216.jpg
That was Tuesday in the garden.  Tomorrow the bins will be empty and the secateurs will be back at work.  
 photo a-21-3003_zpse165b4f3.jpg


  1. I keep filling up my yard waste bin too. That's probably actually a good thing for my back, forcing me to take a break. I am tempted to climb into the bin and smash it all down as much as possible...which would not be a pretty sight.

    1. Hah! I climb up on the wall and climb in the bin and stomp, holding on to the wall, to make sure I don't get hurt, because it would be embarassing to try to explain that away.

    2. Please be careful doing the "stomp". My son broke his wrist in Nov while stomping down his leaves. The can fell over and he reached to break his fall onto the concrete driveway and broke his wrist. He is doing well but will never do the stomp again! I always encouraged him to use theose leaves for compost. He often times mows them with his mower but this time there were so many. His girlfriend bought him a mulching vac for Christmas!

    3. Good advice Dorothy, thanks! Your son apparently chose a thoughtful girlfriend.

      I used to have a mulching vac--the puppies chewed it enough so that I no longer have a mulching vac.

  2. Lovely photos, the Milkweed flowers are very attractive so too the Aloe striata and the daisy. We had some light rain last night, not much but I am grateful for any.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Even a little rain is wonderful! Good for you!

  3. I know how you feel. I started in November and only got done this week.

    1. Unfortunately not interrupted by rain storms. :(

      But so lovely when it's all done, right?

  4. Those milkweed flowers are gorgeous. I had no idea how beautiful they were until I grew Asclepias curavassica this summer (but with no resulting monarchs, I'm sorry to say.)

    1. Sorry you did not have any Monarchs--but they may have been by for a sip of nectar--we can hope so.

      The flowers are like little stars. It's nice to see them now, since there are so few roses at the moment.

  5. I sometimes wish for the constraints of trash bins. When they are full, you get to rest. Not so here, where we just pile up the debris in an out-of-the-way spot and keep right on pruning and cutting back. No rest for the wicked country mouse.

    1. It does shape one's schedule. Sometimes it's good, sometimes a bit frustrating. It would be nice to have room for a huge compost pile. I must make do with a small one.


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