Remembering 2013

 photo a1850_zps6d42f377.jpg
I spent the entire weekend in the garden--no wasting time on the Internet, no picture taking, no nothing but clip, clip, clip.  Beloved's help was wonderful--we made so much progress.  But who wants to see piles of clippings and a helter-skelter mess of a garden?  A good time, perhaps, for a quick look back at 2013.  

Les at Tidewater Gardener has ten gorgeous photos in his look back at 2013--as a matter of fact, they are so good you just might want to click straight there and skip this.  

I had a random and brief look back at 2013.  Brief because I'm tired!

I liked this picture of an ivory wreath on a brown door back in February.
 photo c1614_zps4644f042.jpg
A tiny Senecio flower.
 photo blumcu1668_zps7e498d9b.jpg
Guys on stilts for Chinese New Year at the Huntington.  The place was a madhouse.  No more Chinese New Year at the Huntington. 

An Arctotis.
 photo 00x2183_zpsf3b355f9.jpg
April!  April!  April!
 photo climb4044_zpsc084c808.jpg
 Lady in blue hat looking at plants at the Garden Blogger's Fling.  The Fling was fun.  Gardeners are such nice people. 
pix photo pix7736_zps3685165a.jpg
The Fling was held in San Francisco at the end of June.
Back photo back7041_zps90f8e1f8.jpg
Experiencing the whole 'Blue Glow' bloom process was fascinating. photo glowf3841_zps26ea20a4.jpg
2013 made for some memorable stump removals.
 photo stump5206_zps3460a719.jpg
Boris eating an orange because it made Natasha jealous even though he didn't like the taste.
Boris photo pup5021_zps0e84fc8a.jpg
The puppies were the life of the party, even when there wasn't a party.  
Puppies photo coolfog4485_zpsd0219054.jpg
Great year for Dahlias
Dahlia photo z4981_zps2bb22037.jpg

 photo a07028_zps4467f8d7.jpg
 New camera lens = bird pictures!
 photo hawk6894_zps05c0ab7b.jpg 

visual photo lady6024_zps83229983.jpg

Sunday photo blueup1_zps1b763ef1.jpg

Legoland Phoebe photo lego8963_zps9768ed76.jpg
Enjoyed other people's gardens, not only my own.
 photo wave6298_zpscc560702.jpg
The milkweed was a success.  The tomatoes were not.
blum photo bug8054_zps91186ca1.jpg
Killed a few plants...
 photo dew0808_zpsce71ed0b.jpg 
...helped others to thrive.
 photo mon0454_zps20dd43ae.jpg
All in all, a beautiful year, a very, very fortunate year, for which I am most heartily grateful.  Glad I took a moment to look back.
Rosa 'Pope John Paul II' photo scorch9793_zpsdd31f3c2.jpg
Now, back to clip, clip, clip, rake, rake, rake, cram those green waste bins full.


  1. awesome pictures !!! I enjoyed them, thank you for sharing !

  2. What else can we say but stunning!

  3. Every view of your garden is wonderful but these photos are especially beautiful.

  4. What exactly was the lens that gave you such marvelous bird photos?

    1. It's a compact telephoto 55-200mm. An "open box" item at Best Buy made it screamin' affordable.

  5. Wow, I just got a 55-200mm, too, but I haven't managed to get such good bird photos yet. That falcon (?) must have come quite close! LOVE your dahlias.

    1. Pretty close, yes. It was in the tree about 15' from the balcony and I was snapping shots through the balcony trellis. Dahlias are great, just got another one for this spring...

  6. Thanks for posting your pictures and for playing along with my look back. I think my favorite is the April roses, and I assume this is your garden. Of course, the dog photos are fetching as well.

    1. Your Look-Back photos are gorgeous, Les! Yes that was my garden...probably won't look so good this year with no rain.


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