The Land Of The Dead (Tree)

The rain has not come.  Trees in the neighborhood are dying.  Death starts like this:
 photo a-blum-2816_zps35078e39.jpg
It ends like this.  It seems to only take a week.
 photo a-blum-2813_zps495eb1cc.jpg 
It's mostly pines, but Sequoias are dying, too.
 photo a-blum2817_zpsc6d225f6.jpg

 photo a-blum-2820_zpse4de2abd.jpg 
The elegant Lemon Gums, Corymbia citriodora, have been dying off for years due to a lerp pest, but the drought has helped.
 photo a-blum-2821_zpsb5e5270d.jpg
Another pine...
 photo a-blum-2829_zps457790c1.jpg
...and another...
 photo a-blum-2842_zpsfcd2e924.jpg   
If you remember this photo...
 photo backin70_zpsf7f70acb.jpg
...I believe the previous dying pine, some 60 or 80 feet tall, is the youngster in the red box

A weeping willow, which the homeowner did not know belongs in deep wet soil at the edge of a pond, not on an arid, sandstone slope.  It is only a few years old.  
 photo a-blum-2840_zps8cc892a0.jpg 
All these are within a one or two minute walk of our home.  It's grim.  The dear puppies cheer me up.
 photo a-blum-2835_zpsd19e2f0b.jpg
Let us finish on this far happier note.  
 photo a-blum-2837_zps29c26b2a.jpg   


  1. That makes me incredibly sad. I'm hoping for another March Miracle - or maybe a Fluid February.

    1. Fluid February AND March Miracle AND Agua April AND Muddy May. Lets hope big.

  2. I'm feeling a little trepid about the drought too. Here in Sacramento they've already asked us to cut back our water 20%. That's not very hard to do this time of year when so many plants are dormant anyway but it's not going to be fun watching plants and trees die of thirst this summer when the temps soar.

    1. It's looking grim right now, isn't it? I'm investigating greywater systems.

  3. The loss of trees is very sad, you could do with some rain and so could I. The lemon gums are a beautiful tree, I love the fragrance of the leaves.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. The lemon gums are so elegant it makes it painful to watch them die. I've read your part of the planet is having fierce heat as well--hope we both get better weather soon...

  4. Remind me never to complain about rain again.Hose will be pressed into service this weekend .

  5. Wow, your post is the most vivid reminder yet how disastrous this drought will be.

    1. On the other hand, the neighborhood Aloes and Agaves are just fine. That's something, right?


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