Warm Flowers For A Cold Monday

Let's look around Roger's.
Female Hummingbird photo a-26-3088_zps8a57c902.jpg
A xeric tableaux of Leucadendron, Agave, and Aeoniums.
Xeriscape tableaux photo a-26-3102_zps45851dcf.jpg 
The next plants were labeled as Kalanchoe manganii 'Bette Bells', which--seems incorrect.  manganii is possible manginii, but Kalanchoe manginii does not look like this.  I actually have this plant, having received a bit from a garden-buddy last year, and I thought it was a Crassula, but I can't remember.  Anyway, let's focus on the glow for now.
 photo a-26-3086_zps4fa5d45a.jpg

Kalanchoe photo a-26-3084_zps86f15207.jpg
An Aloe of unknown species--A. spicata?
Aloe broomii(?) photo a-26-3094_zpse8a96c8d.jpg

Aloe broomii(?) photo a-26-3093_zps66f5a073.jpg
Aloe africana
Aloe africana photo a-26-3081_zps7dd72584.jpg 
Hybrid Anigozanthos 
Anigozanthos hybrid photo a-26-3096_zpsd17f0c08.jpg 

Anigozanthos hybrid photo a-26-3098_zpsedd0f3b0.jpg
Grevillea photo a-26-3100_zps77507c39.jpg

Grevillea photo a-26-3104_zps2049a2e8.jpg
Yucca foliage
Yucca foliage photo a-26-3079_zps359c1edd.jpg
Saliva apiana, California white sage.
Saliva apiana (?) photo a-26-3105_zps16b7f18c.jpg
I hope this brings a little warmth and color to your Monday.



  1. That xeric tableau is luscious! Your post did warm me up, thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow, amazing how much is in bloom in your garden. I love it!

  3. Coincidentally, I was there just this afternoon - and I picked up 3 of those Kangaroo Paws (as well as more items too long to list! I had gift cards burning a hole in my pocket...

  4. Thanks for this, even though I saw it on Tuesday. :) I always forget how nice some Aloe blooms are!

  5. Can't help with any of the ID's, just selfishly soaking up all that beauty.

  6. You people and your flowering aloe photos kill me.

    1. And you people who get rain in the summer time kill me. Rain in summer. How is that even possible?


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