A Thoughtless Thursday

Tree admiring herself
 photo 2-5-3231_zpsa3d465ae.jpg
An epiphyllum blooming in February?!?  April is more typical.
 photo 2-5-3294_zpsf6ed8de2.jpg
This one has never bloomed before.  In 2013 I provided rudimentary care for the first time for our Epiphyllums--I watered them.  Seems to have helped.
 photo 2-5-3318_zps94b62f24.jpg
Loving those tulips...
 photo 2-5-3301_zps24a0a4c3.jpg
...and the Sweet Peas.  I'm happy I found a place where they could be happy.
 photo 2-5-3293_zps552a7c4c.jpg
A local steak restaurant has these growing on their patio.  Cactus of some kind.  Cereus hildmannianus.
 photo 2-5-3236_zps037b1472.jpg
Not many thoughts on a Thursday.  


  1. Now that's a narcissistic tree! :)

    1. She didn't ask to be planted next to that building, did she? ;^)

  2. Not many thoughts, but very nice pictures.

  3. Oh perfect! Thoughtless Thursdays is a common theme over at my linkup. COME on over and link up every week! Funny how that happened :)

    1. Actually a lot of my days are thoughtless.

    2. Your dog is really cute.

      I just don't know about that google plus thing. I don't do that facebook thing either.

  4. I would bloom for you too, if I knew my portrait would turn out so well.


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