Blue Glow Bloom Update

Good grief!  I dug out the 'Blue Glow' (easy, as the roots had dried up and vanished), but it was so heavy I couldn't move it out.  Left to dry further and lighten up, it decided to try blooming again from a side shoot.  Look on the left side of the photo to see the new lavender-colored bloom stem.
Agave 'Blue Glow' photo 2-7-3346_zps957e5b74.jpg
Nearby, this Goldfinch has been spending hours on the Aloe marlothii bloom, eating something--the nectar?  Do goldfinches drink nectar?  It's there off and on all day long.  There may be a nest in the nearby Calothamnus--it squawked at me several times when I got close.
Goldfinch in Aloe photo 2-7-3345_zps6ccc8f8b.jpg
In the meantime, the 'Blue Glow' seedlings are very slooooww.  Agave seedlings are not prone to damping off, thankfully.
 photo 2-7-3336_zps55d06085.jpg
I planted another round of Agave seeds in a standard seed-starting mix.  I thought perhaps the gritty mix used for the first batch was not promoting good mix-to-seed contact.  They seem to like the seed-starting mix better.
 photo 2-6-3334_zpsfe775364.jpg 
The 'Blue Glow' bulbils are slow as well.  My guess is that the soil and nights are still too chilly.
 photo 2-7-3354_zps39dab1db.jpg 
We got a trivial amount of rain overnight, perhaps 3 mm.  It washed the dust off.
 photo 2-7-3349_zpsff80b04b.jpg
The 'Snowbird' rose I bought last year is starting to grow.  Perhaps that bit of rain helped.
 photo 2-7-3350_zps525b5a75.jpg
A rain-wet 'Comtesse de Provence', with its invariably diseased foliage. 
 photo 2-7-3380_zps0c6ebeb4.jpg
Natasha was not thrilled with the rain.  She prefers to stay dry.
 photo 2-7-3385_zps002c985f.jpg
The tulips liked it.  The tulips growing in the idle veggie beds are doing better than the ones in pots.   photo 2-7-3362_zps31c4ed1b.jpg
Waiting for more rain.  Even the Agaves need it.
 photo 2-7-3379_zpseb7df76b.jpg
Unfortunately yet another heat wave is predicted for next week.
 photo 2-7-3366_zpsb994a42b.jpg


  1. Wonderful photos dear Hoover, love the photo of Natasha. So pleased you had a sprinkling of rain, we had a light shower it didn't last long. The rose is really lovely.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thank you Dianne. I hope we both get more rain soon.

  2. Your tulips are beautiful, as is the sloped area you showed. It goes without saying that Natasha is ravishing (wet or dry).

    1. Natasha exploits it to her full advantage!

  3. The picture with the goldfinch on the Aloe is a beauty and of course your hairy friend Natasha. Your tulips do very well and to see your seedlings come up and grow, wonderful. Wish you some more rain!

  4. Hi Gail, oooh, I have a 'Snowbird' rose as well. Mine came from Vintage Gardens and is still growing in a 2 gallon container. It has had quite its share of powdery mildew so far. Hope things are getting better this year. I love, love, love your 'Comtesse de Provence', diseased foliage or not ;-)! The flowers are so beautiful! Natasha is such a cutie. I am surprised that a Somyed has any problems with rain. Wishing you a nice rest of the weekend!

    1. Snowbird has no mildew here for some reason. CdP, yes the flowers are something special, and that powerful fruit fragrance is most unusual. So one endures the foliage. Natasha likes playing with the hose (water on full blast) but for some reason rain doesn't appeal to her. Thanks, hope your weekend is good too!


  5. That last shot is so atmospheric...sweet pea?


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