'Blue Glow' Seedling Update And So Forth

 A writing pen included for scale

Four leaves plus the seed leaf on some of them.  Still tiny, but they look like Agaves!
The rootless remains of the original plant have sent up a new bloom stalk.
'Blue Glow' photo laguna4123_zps422b7707.jpg
I read somewhere that damaging the tip of the inflorescence would increase the likelihood of bulbil production, so I did that.  There's nothing to lose at this point. 
Blue Glow developing flower stem photo laguna4126_zps5fe144d9.jpg
Since I am taking care of tiny plants anyway, I thought I'd try growing Aloes from seed as well.  I chose some pods from Aloe capitata.  The pods were pretty dry and beginning to split open, but they still had some yellow juice in them.  The seeds look ripe.  
Aloe seeds photo laguna4119_zps633304df.jpg  
So, we'll see what happens.  No guarantee they'll be pure Capitata, or that they will even sprout.  An experiment, just for fun, but can one ever have enough of Aloe capitata?

A new plant for the east slope, near the new wall and stairway:  Arctostaphylos uva-ursi 'Wood's Compact'.  
Arctostaphylos 'Woods Compact' photo laguna4131_zps269eb43b.jpg
This plant is native to California, though not to this particular area.  It has beautiful dark glossy green foliage and the typical white-pink bell shaped flowers of the genus.  Low growing (inches) and spreading (feet).  
Arctostaphylos 'Woods Compact' photo laguna4130_zps53b0c454.jpg
And so forth.  The first Ranunculus flower has opened.  
Ranunculus photo laguna4120_zpse7ef160d.jpg
Today's Morocco Daisy shot.
Morocco Daisy photo laguna4141_zpsf2135a89.jpg
'Laguna' is putting out a few early flowers.
Rosa 'Laguna' photo laguna4149_zps154840e4.jpg   
So is 'Tamora'.
Rosa 'Tamora' photo laguna4163_zps26bfea91.jpg


  1. Your baby agaves are adorable! Everything always looks so good in your garden! Ah, California...

    1. I don't post pictures of the ugly stuff.

  2. I experiment a lot with seeds. In fact, the whole garden is one big experiment to see what lives and what dies. Your Blue Glow babies are adorable. And your flowers are lovely, especially that sea of daisies.

    1. I'm not much of a seed person, not very patient. But the agave babies are cute!

  3. I think you may be opening your own plant nursery soon!

  4. When it comes to seeds, "just for fun" is the only attitude I dare take. My one attempt at growing spiral Aloe from seed did not go well, and really wasn't that much fun. Oh, well...back to more amateur-friendly sprouters.

  5. How do the Moroccan daisies do as cut flowers? The plant has beautiful foliage--now I've got to get my hands on a plant or two! :)

    1. I've never tried them. The flowers are maybe an inch across, with two or so inches of stem.


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