February 2014 Bloom Day: It's Not Snowing Here.

 photo blum3528_zps5164c04d.jpg
'Rozanne' just hasn't quit in this warm dry winter.
 photo blum3515_zps8f8931c3.jpg
The tulips have been a delight.  They fried shortly after this photo was taken.  It was near 90 both Thursday and Friday.  They could take one 90 degree day, but not two.
 photo blum3531_zps44c9125c.jpg
Not many Camellias in our garden any more.  Not enough shade. 
 photo blum3533_zpse3f54276.jpg
Aeonium finishing up.
 photo blum3607_zpsbc62d2bf.jpg
'Bourbon' Clematis, already.  This one is always early, but mid-February is really early.
 photo blum3604_zps0d2b2287.jpg
The Cerinthe started a few days ago.
 photo blum3602_zpsa2a22190.jpg
The Morocco Daisy is at peak, I'd say.
 photo blum3598_zpsa740dcd8.jpg
This has been an excellent plant.  I should divide it and spread the beauty around.
 photo blum3581_zpse8b6c9ce.jpg
The partridge-breast Aloe, Aloe variegata, looking happier than it has in a long time.  It's been in the ground since last spring and is doing well in a spot that gets no water at all.  The brown foliage is due to water stress.  Rain would green it right up (hint, hint).  
 photo blum3594_zpsd7676c83.jpg
Aloe marlothii, now past peak.
 photo blum3590_zps65d0ed27.jpg
Sweet Peas are sweet...
 photo blum3569_zpsca650a27.jpg
Some roses have a heavenly fragrance...
 photo blum3573_zps3abcff94.jpg
But nothing to this nose surpasses the scent of orange blossoms.  Purity itself.
 photo blum3576_zpsc4da2a8c.jpg
Beloved gave me some gorgeous ivory roses for St. Valentine's Day.  I guess they don't belong in this post, not being from the garden.  But they are wonderful!
 photo blum3562_zps2af233e9.jpg
Happy Bloom Day.  See more at May Dreams Garden Blog.  It's not snowing everywhere.  (Right?  It's not snowing everywhere?)


  1. Nope, it’s not snowing everywhere, I haven’t seen a single snow flurry this winter here in London and no frost. I hope it will continue like this for the rest of this winter – officially 2 more weeks. Snow in March and April do happen from time to time here, but it is such a silly thing, like what’s the point?! It only melts in like 3-4 hours anyway!

    Loved your collection of flowers this time, I can just imagine the scent of the orange blossom. Happy GBBD!

    1. I hope the flooding in your country has eased, Helene. What a winter it has been. Happy GBBD!

  2. Glorious flower images from your garden and your ivory roses, the orange blossoms and leaves are as beautiful as their scent.
    Not snowing here, its hot and very humid.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. No, it's not snowing here in the PNW, at least right now. We had our little taste of winter last week. And now I really hope it's done. You have Cerinthe already. And a Clem. Sigh.

    1. A little taste of winter isn't so bad, is it?

  4. Wow, sorry about your drought and we're drier - but this is our dry season, in this case, 0. Spring here with a vengeance this week. While the blooms are all nice, with orange blossoms, it takes me back to being 8 years old and driving through the hills in Sicily to my mother's birthplace...miles of orange groves in full bloom, windows down, heaven!

    Hope you get a miracle March (rainy)...

    1. 1.2 inches since July 1, 2013. Oh dear. Sicily? Some interesting plants there!

  5. You got higher temps than we did but I think both of us will be happier with the cool-down predicted for next week. Rain would be nice too, of course, but none appears to be on the immediate horizon. Your photos and flowers are beautiful, as usual. I'll have to check out that Morocco daisy. Happy GBBD!

    1. Still hoping for rain. More hope than rain...

  6. Plenty of blooming beauty in your garden! My volunteer cerinthe which started to appear last fall are toast. The cold, snow, ice was just too much for them. Like you I was tempted to include my lovely valentines flowers (a collection of protea) in my bloomday post. I was too lazy though...

    (glad you're coming to the Portland Fling!)

    1. Some more Cerinthe seeds might sprout. They are good about that.

  7. Not snowing here Hoov, and hoping it will rain at some point this weekend. I completely concur with you re: citrus blossoms/fragrance. I connect it with childhood and youth in Orange County (when there were in fact oranges) Riverside and San Bernadino County , all places to drive through with windows rolled down ..

  8. It is fascinating how many different plants flower at the same time of year in your garden. It is the climate, so different with ours. Strange to see tulips flowering at the same time as Ger. Rozanne, Orange blossom and sweet pea. Love your pictures.

    1. Your climate fascinates me also. Rain in summer? How is that possible?

  9. Sigh. Your pictures look like heaven, especially to those us with snow on the ground (still traces, mostly mud). I love your geraniums and tulips!

    1. Thank you sweetbay. Spring for you will surely arrive soon.


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