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Green Heron.   The bird's back is actually quite green, in the right light.  He's hunting small fish in the Huntington's Chinese Garden pond. 
 photo a-16-3646_zps1231e18d.jpg
What a goose.  Canada, eh?  Eating grass in the Japanese Garden.
 photo a-16-3697_zpsc5dc0a21.jpg
 photo a-16-3666_zpseec2ba29.jpg
 photo a-16-3671_zpsf4cc6aeb.jpg   
Pebble mosaic.  I dream of replacing our deteriorating slate with something like that.  Dream on...
 photo a-16-3652_zps3bc49ee3.jpg 
 Ceiba speciosa pods
 photo a-16-flossSilkPods3875_zpsac6b82b8.jpg 
Camellia saluenensis
 photo a-16-camellia3913_zps5a803d47.jpg
Two different Auraucaria.  It is believed that Sauropod dinosaurs evolved their big long necks to eat those big tall Auraucaria trees. 
 photo a-16-3724_zps056ebaf9.jpg 
Awesome super-dooper huge Tillansias or Bromilliads or something, platinum in color.  Too bad that statue is in the way.
 photo a-16-3722_zpsc97cb660.jpg
Light striking a leaf.
 photo a-16-3716_zps277dbd52.jpg
The state of the roses.
 photo a-16-3707_zps9e3d51cf.jpg

 photo a-16-3705_zpsb3112d35.jpg
The state of the Ginko.
 photo a-16-3725_zps76131203.jpg 
Okay, all done with that place for a while.  


  1. Oh, it is too bad that shot of the silvery Bromeliads was ruined by that statue. You could have had something really stunning with a reflection from the water. They're still impressive. Is that some variety of Colocasia/Esculenta on the left? I love the big wavy leaf. I've been toying with getting a monkey puzzle tree for my front garden bed. It's got the right exotic look but they get enormous.

    1. I was trying to figure out what that Colocasia-like thing was--it was maybe 30' tall!

      Yes enormous indeed. In the photo that Strelitzia in the foreground is at least 8' tall--compare that to the Auraucarias!

  2. I take it you don't like the statue, but I think it is nicely framed by those tillansias, bromeliads or somethings.

    1. It's okay, it just interfered with my view of those somethings.

  3. "Too bad that statue is in the way"...hallelujah sister!

    1. We don't like our view of plants interfered with.

  4. I like the statue on its own, but I know certainly that it is on the wrong place! Fascinating that green heron, we have only many grey ones and when we are lucky we see a white silver heron. The goose photo is marvelous.

    1. We have the grey ones and white ones as well. They eat gophers here so are helpful--if they do not also eat the Koi.

  5. Replies
    1. That was a very pretty species that is often used in hybridizing. I was not familiar with it.

  6. Beautiful images, I like the light striking a leaf and the camellia is very pretty...statues should not obscure the view of plants and water reflections.
    xoxoxo ♡

  7. I have to get back to the Huntington...


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