Huntington Desert Garden February 2014

 Goldfinch on Aloe spicata
Goldfinch on Aloe spicata photo dgAloeSpicata3825_zpsc7a427d8.jpg
Straighten up and fly right.
Goldfinch on Aloe spicata photo dgAloeSpicata3824_zps6273c5f0.jpg
Aloes in bloom
Aloe wickensii photo dgAloes3865_zpsd47ca592.jpg
Aloe rupestris (on the left)
Aloe rupestris photo dgAloeRupestris3815_zpse0ecf454.jpg
Aloe rupestris.  "Rupestris' means "growing in rocky places"
Aloe rupestris photo dgAloeRupestris3817_zpsd63c1d37.jpg  

Aloe rupestris photo dgAloeRupestris3802_zps8b43a6aa.jpg
This is not Aloe tomentosa, though the nearest label reads "Aloe cf. tomentosa".  Gorgeous flower, no?
Aloe unknown photo dgAloeCfTomentosa3808_zps40788204.jpg

Aloe unknown photo dgAloeCfTomentosa3807_zpsb5b65bb4.jpg
A new branch on an old Aloe bainseii
Aloe bainseii photo dgAloeBanseii3845copy_zpsb4efaa78.jpg
Aloes and palms and cotyledons, oh my!
Aloe bainseii photo dgAloe3862_zps2ca40aa3.jpg
A particularly beautiful Agave colorata
Agave colorata photo dgAgaveColorata3764_zps5e4df914.jpg
Agave franzosinii (I think).  The tallest ones there are about 8' (2.4 m):
Agave franzosinii photo dgagave3619_zps5589f426.jpg
 The smallest Agave there in front was waist-high:
Agave franzosinii photo dgAgave3618_zpscc728c57.jpg
Offsets on a Golden Barrel Echinocactus grusonii:
Golden barrel cactus offsets photo dg3757_zpscb539b59.jpg
With blue Senecio serpens:
Golden Barrel cacti with Senecio serpens photo dg3755_zpsfe633252.jpg
Palm-climbing cactus:
cactus climbing a palm photo dg3823_zps5f4cde72.jpg
Blooming Agaves:
Agave blooms photo dg3773_zpsc65ccc97.jpg
Airy vs. fuzzy
airy vs. heavy photo dg3776_zps303da44e.jpg
Morning light:
Textural contrast photo dg3744_zps02e7be4d.jpg
A venerable Yucca filifera, once of the largest known specimens. 
Yucca filifera photo dgYuccaFilifera3785_zps87879a79.jpg
Trichocereus aff. huanucoensis.  A variable species.
 photo dgTrichocereusAffHuonucoensis3797_zps02fe2a1b.jpg

 photo dgTrichocereusAffHuonucoensis3798_zps9508ecbd.jpg
Massive Puya chilensis bloom stem with hummingbird topper:
Puya chilensis with hummingbird topper photo dgPuyaChilensis3759_zps0900364a.jpg
Aloe plicatilis:
Aloe plicatilis photo dgplicatilis3737_zpsf84ca87d.jpg
Aeoniums with Agave 'Blue Flame'
Aeonium arborescens with Agave 'Blue Flame' photo dg3741_zpsca67f3a1.jpg
Aloe 'Pink Perfection':
Aloe 'Pink Perfection' photo dgpinkperfection3729_zpsef35577c.jpg
Borzicactus, or so the sign says:
 photo dgBorzicactus3791_zps6481771b.jpg
This clump seems to be in flower every time we visit.  
 photo dgBorzi3795_zps1ce03956.jpg
Interesting growth habit on the Euphorbia cooperi (I think) there on the left--like towers of pears.  
Interesting Euphorbia photo dgEuphorb3831_zps317bf744.jpg
Ceiba speciosa:
Ceiba speciosa photo dgFlossSilk3800_zps3c54a1ec.jpg
Yucca silhouette photo dgyucca3731_zpsd6f80b1c.jpg


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    1. There, there now. The rain is predicted to shift down here next week. Or so we're hoping.

  2. That photo of the morning light is a stunning tapestry of different forms and colors. Thanks for sharing your photos with us. I think, of all succulent flowers, I like Aloes best.

    1. Thanks Alison. I like that photo very much also. Aloes are wonderful, also check out Echinopsis species and hybrids, they are quite amazing.

  3. You did a beautiful job capturing the light and the resident birds. The cactus climbing the palm was interesting - very serpent-like!

  4. So beautiful. I'll be down there in August. Just five and a half months to go.

  5. Oh, Hoov. Love the Nat King Cole ref, the gorgeous aloes, the Agave colorata, and all that unending blue sky.

  6. And I have a question: is Beloved a plant lover, or is he, rather, in love with (and completely willing to indulge) Hoover Boo in her plant love?

    1. Let's just say I'm very, very lucky. :^)

  7. Beautiful aloes, they are amazing and the little goldfinch is so sweet.
    xoxoxo ♡


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