Low Chill 'Royal Lee'/'Minnie Royal' Cherry Update

I planted them last year.  They leafed out and grew, but had no flowers.  This year...
 photo cherry3560_zps29147eb9.jpg
I read a long thread on gardenweb about a Royal Lee/Minnie Royal low-chill problem--that one is slow to bloom, thus unable to pollinate the other, resulting in no fruit on either for the first several years.  Hmm...
 photo cherry3485_zps24d074f8.jpg
Our three baby trees--two Royal Lee, one Minnie Royal--have all started to bloom this week--a satisfaction--but I've learned that not only do I adore cherries, but apparently every pest there is loves them as well.  Last year a wormy creature ate at the foliage. I was out daily squishing them, only to find more the next day.  
 photo cherry3487_zps223d4c14.jpg
Even on a baby tree, the wood is gorgeous, isn't it?  

They'll need a well-screened cage to protect them from squirrels, rats, possums, birds, etc if we want to get any fruit...if there is any fruit.  Ah, the price of  deliciousness.
 photo cherry3558_zps904635fb.jpg
Speaking of adored, the puppies at play, ready to catch.
 photo blum3612_zpsbcc90496.jpg
Boris catches, Natasha sticks her tongue out.  
 photo blum3613_zps46613797.jpg


  1. Yes, baby trees are beautiful. I hope you will get some fruit before all of the pests have a feast, cherries are delicious. Lovely photos of the puppies.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Wonderful pictures of your cherry blossom and with some luck you will have cherries this summer. Your "puppies" are so adorable, they love the excercise with the ball.

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  4. I have both Minnie Royal and Royal Lee, too. This is their fourth year for me. You'll get really fantastic fruit, if you net your trees. Otherwise, you won't get fruit because the birds will beat you to it.

    This year is the most synched bloom of their four years in my yard. Additionally, two years ago, I grafted a piece of Lapins on one of the trees. It blooms a little later and helps pollinate the later blooms on Royal Lee, which has a more spread out bloom season.

    I hope you get the cherries you dream of! :)

  5. Our Rainier cherry trees are huge and ancient...plenty of fruit for every sort of critter with a few left over for us. They're not as pretty as your little guys though.

    1. Makes up for rainy days sometimes? Cherries! I love them.


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