San Diego Cactus/Succulent Show/Sale February 2014

Balboa Park, San Diego
Balboa Park photo 2-8-3393_zpsd2844349.jpg
The sale was mobbed with eager buyers.  I got an elegant yet earthy Don Hunt pot.  
 photo 2-8-3475_zpsb6b62736.jpg
 One of my companions nabbed this marvelous Hohenbergii leopoldo horstii.  Sweet!
 photo 2-8-3396HohenbergiiLeopoldoHorstii_zpsb858557c.jpg
While the sale was an unsettling dose of shopping fever, the show, though small, was lovely.  The judges spoke out loud about why they chose the plants they chose as the winners.  It was relaxed, informal, and educational.
Haworthia--in full flower but grown a little too hard to be a winner.
Haworthia? photo 2-8-3400_zps4faa5a56.jpg 
The winning Haworthia was perfectly balanced to the size of its container, and beautifully grown--it's supposed to look like this.
The first place Haworthii photo 2-8-3429_zpsd1cece48.jpg 
The Echeveria agavoides was a runner-up winner because of the unusual arrangement of the leaves--stacked rather than spiraled.  The winning Echeveria agavoides 'Lipstick' is in the background to the left.  
An unusual version of Echeveria agavoides photo 2-8-3432_zpsf17864e8.jpg 
The seriously awesome Aloe pearsonii:
Aloe pearsonii? photo 2-8-3426_zpsfedc5cbf.jpg 
Sorry, didn't read the label on these:
This one a first place award photo 2-8-3424_zps8403adc4.jpg 

 photo 2-8-3420_zps0163a070.jpg

Something caudiciform photo 2-8-3416_zps130bf11d.jpg
A mammilaria, I presume photo 2-8-3414_zps272a4948.jpg
A first-place winner
Sansevieria phillipsi(?)
Sanseveria phillipsii photo 2-8-3407_zpsc1e0a58e.jpg
Chocolately Dyckias
Dyckias photo 2-8-3406_zpsdc740760.jpg
A massively crested Aeonium 'Kiwi' (maybe)
A crested Aeonium photo 2-8-3404_zps18cceeda.jpg
Agave utahensis eborispina, native to parts of our own state as well as Nevada and Utah.  An rare and endangered species.
Agave utahensis elbospina photo 2-8-3402_zps43b38a87.jpg
No clue what this is
Cool, no clue what it is. photo 2-8-3401_zpsf01f5117.jpg 
After that lovely show we walked back to our car and enjoyed the Saturday morning vibe of Balboa park.  There were toddlers in tutus emerging from a dance class, a gathering of ex-racing Greyhounds and their loving owners, a very happy wedding party posing for photos...
A lovely wedding photography taking place nearby photo 2-8-3436_zps0d1223f8.jpg
...watched by Honey The Bulldog, fifty pounds (22 kg) of love.
Honey was watching the wedding photo 2-8-3441_zps9a130ed0.jpg 


  1. That is a lovely Aloe pearsonii, not seen it before and will have to be added to my wish list.

  2. Our cactus and succulent shows are far less impressive, but I am still amazed by the other-worldly forms some of them take. What will you put in your wonderful new pot?

    1. I don't know. My car keys? I'd just told my companions I was in the process of putting all my potted plants into the ground for easier maintenance, then I went and bought that pot, prompting some well-deserved teasing.

  3. Beautiful specimens! I love that Aloe pearsonii, too. A large specimen won Best in Show at last year's Sacramento Cactus & Succulent show.

    That plant where you said "No clue what this is," that's a Euphorbia bupleurifolia.

    1. I think there were also jaw-dropping entries of that Aloe at the big Inter-City show, I'll have to look back through my photos.

      Thanks for the ID on the Euphorbia!

  4. Beautiful specimens, could you ID the Haworthia winner please? Lovely plant! Thank you

    1. Sorry, I don't know what won what. Eventually it might be posted on the club website...lots of people and noise--too difficult to track the details of the day!


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