Sweet Pea Tendrils In The Fog

The closest we'll get to rain for a week or more?
 photo fog3496_zps13ea759c.jpg
A foggy morning.
 photo fog3510_zps3aa42ece.jpg  
Dripping, greyed.
 photo fog3499_zps40e6eb89.jpg
Grey and dripping.
 photo fog3502_zps38669e4f.jpg
Muted morning light.
 photo fog3512_zps6b9b82c5.jpg
Without crisp shadows.
 photo fog3511_zps7202bd5e.jpg
Sweet Pea tendrils in the fog.
 photo fog3509_zpsd667d16c.jpg


  1. Gorgeous images as always, Hoov! We're getting hit with nearly endless rain this week and last night wind was added for fun. I'd love to share some with you if I could.

  2. At least there's moisture in the air then. I guess every little bit helps.

    1. Since there is so little, I have to hope it does. Better than a hot dry Santa Ana wind event, at any rate.

  3. Great pictures. My sweet peas still haven't bloomed, although they finally have buds. Mine want to lay along the ground rather than climb the trellis I provided - next year, I'll have to try a support with more to cling to like the one you used.

    1. Yes what I used worked great. I got them leaned up against that wire when they were about 3" tall and they did the rest. The 'Royal Mix' is what is blooming. The 'Early Mix' is just getting flower buds now. The Cupanis went kaputski for reasons of their own, unfortunately. Next year...


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