The Evolution Of One Garden Area 2010 - 2013

How about the evolution of one area 2010-2013?  It's taken time...

2010:  Lawn, Cercis tree, Climbing 'Shot Silk' on the house.
Roof -- Design photo Roof4425.jpg
2011, No lawn, no Cercis, no 'Shot Silk'.  'Laguna' climber is obscuring a good bit of the neighbor's roof.  Yay!
 photo space3910.jpg
2012:  Moved the 'Jubilee Celebration's there to form a hedge.  Temporary row of bell peppers, too. 
Pepper hedge photo prez5746.jpg
2013:  Dahlias and daisies and 'Rozanne' in June...
bridge photo bridge6017_zpsfb1c0a79.jpg
2013, November...the dahlias and daisies are done for the year, but 'Rozanne' and the roses go on and on.  The eye is supposed to be drawn from the 'Rozanne's back and forth  along the path up to the tuteur, which although it doesn't appear to in the photo, is the same color as the 'Rozanne' flowers and the 'Perle d'Azur Clematis on the right side fence.
 photo a1855_zps80017afb.jpg
Now if the Metrosideros 'SpringFire' behind the wall behind the tuteur grows to hide the rest of the neighbor's roof, I will finally be satisfied.  For a little while. 


  1. We're always fiddling, aren't we? Yours has produced admirable results.

  2. I love series like this, so fun to look back at how things evolve.

  3. Actually when I saw the first picture of 2010 I thought: "Beautiful piece of garden". Romantic roses and a Cercis can be a great tree. On the other side when I see the pictures of 2013 I think: " Lovely the vivid colours of the dahlias and the outstanding Ger. Rozanne look all gorgeous together". So, what can I say, gardening keeps us busy and gives us a lot of satisfaction.


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