What Is In Bloom At The Huntington? Febuary 2014 Edition

Aloe petricola
Aloe Petricola photo dgAloePetricola3867_zps469ca9ce.jpg
A Sunday visit to the Huntington yielded many flower photos, from all parts of the garden, from tropical to temperate to desert.  
Veltheimia bracteata is a bulb from eastern (rainier) areas of South Africa.
Veltheimia photo dgVeltheimiaBracteata3851_zpsaf6d7f64.jpg
A hybrid Chaenomeles, flowering Quince
Chaenomeles hybrid photo a-16-3630_zpsa76a0b11.jpg
Deciduous Magnolia photo a-16-3636_zps54b8db47.jpg
Edgeworthia, a deciduous shrub, is not often seen in Southern California.
Edgeworthia photo a-16-3622_zps6c907cc9.jpg
The flowering Cherries in the Chinese garden were just beginning to bloom.
Flowering Cherry, Prunus serrata photo a-16-3632_zps3ee70023.jpg

Flowering Cherry photo a-16-3680_zps8ad8466d.jpg

A Ginger in the subtropical forest.  Hedychium 'Shinju'  was the label.
 photo a-16-3719_zpsb2a606e4.jpg
Near the Gingers, an Abutilon, I think.
Albutilon? photo a-16-3711_zpsa485d23c.jpg
Hybrid Anenomes in the Shakespeare garden.
Anemone photo a-16-aeonium-3888_zps87255050.jpg

Anemone photo 
Agapanthus in February?  Uh-huh.  
February Agapanthus! photo a-16-agapanthus-3898_zps1cf137c4.jpg

Calla photo a-16-calla-3900_zpsa6f8c507.jpg
Camellia photo a-16-camellia-3908_zps6faee03a.jpg
This is the "It" plant for 2014, but I don't remember the name. Digiplexis (digitalis X isoplexis) ‘Illumination Flame’  "Best New Plant" award from RHS, that sort of thing. 

This years "It" plant photo a-16-itPlant-3881_zpse0f74fe5.jpg

This years "It" plant photo a-16-itplant-3882_zps8364c7d9.jpg 
Melianthus flower emerging
Melianthus flower photo a-16-melianthus-3894_zpsfc534906.jpg
In the Desert Garden, Aloe 'Pink Perfection' was finishing up.
Aloe 'Pink Perfection' photo a-16-3735_zpsd67ee375.jpg
Aloe spicata with a goldfinch.
Aloe spicata photo a-16-dg3825_zps626f92a6.jpg
A yellow Bulbine flower managed to  squeeze in between the red mass of Kalanchoe mortagei in the foreground and coral Cotyledon in the background.
Bulbine, Kalanchoe, Cotyledon photo dbBulbineKalancheMortagei3841_zps3c98eda7.jpg
Unknown Aloe
Unknown Aloe photo dg3738_zps357e1fa8.jpg
Verbena tapien, I am told: 
Sand Verbena photo dgAbroniaUmbellata3783_zpsc1f596b7.jpg
I thought I might have slipped in a bloomless scene, but look at that Yucca!
Yucca photo dg3779_zps4dfe6b64.jpg
An entirely nice way to spend a Sunday morning.


  1. I think the It plant is Digiplexis. What a lovely way to spend a Sunday morning. Thanks for sharing all these beautiful blooms with us. Melianthus flowers are so much prettier in bud than in full flower, in my opinion. Your shot of the Calla is especially luscious -- not a mark or single defect on it.

    1. Yes indeedy, thanks for that ID!

      Digitalis 'Illumination Flame' aka Digiplexis (digitalis X isoplexis) ‘Illumination Flame’. I will update the post.

      Funny you say that Calla is not marked, there were two flowers side by side, the other had a big black mark on it so I cropped it out of the photo. I like them perfect, too.

  2. Love the Illumination Flame. Looked for it last year, but couldn't find it. Annie's Annuals has it this year. Pricey, but gorgeous!

    1. Yes, I wonder how it would do here. Pink and orange is sort of a perplexing combination of colors. They had pretty big plants at Rogers for 12.99, but I didn't get one.

  3. I think your Hedychium may be a bromeliad... I can't wait to see what happens with your Agave cross! I'm so jealous!

    1. That was what the label said. I'm not saying their labels are correct. ;^)

      Jealous? Maybe if you had to baby them along the way I've had to baby them along, you wouldn't be. What a lot of attention needed when they are the size of pinheads. Makes up for being able to ignore them for years when they are larger, I suppose.

  4. And... I would say that was Verbena tapien. Don't hate me! :)

    1. By no means; thanks for the ID. I was guessing.

    2. Give me some credit, I did ID the Agapanthus correctly. That's a tough one.

  5. Thanks for sharing your visit. I love that Abutilon - I've never seen one that color before. I'm also reassured to learn that my Agapanthus aren't the only ones blooming off-kilter this year.

  6. The Huntington opened my eyes. Lucky you to be close enough to visit often. Next best thing for those of us less fortunate is to come along on your visits.

    1. It's a nice place if you like plants. ;*)

  7. http://22winterview22.blogspot.com/

    I love the aloes. Here is what I'm looking at this week...

    1. looks like...lots of snow. Glad you like the Aloes!


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