Proteaceae Resplendent

"The sunrays fell violently upon the calm sea—seemed to shatter themselves upon an adamantine surface into sparkling dust, into a dazzling vapour of light that blinded the eye and wearied the brain with its unsteady brightness." -- Joseph Conrad
 photo pro4590_zpse09aa0f3.jpg
"sparkling dust"...   photo pro4581_zps2ac3424f.jpg
On Sunday morning, the Proteas and Leucospermums at Roger's Gardens were glowing hot in harsh light.   
 photo pro4582_zps13fcf98e.jpg
The flowers at different stages in their development:
 photo pro4586_zps345ee4f8.jpg

 photo pro4584_zpsed923898.jpg
The yellow Leucospermums planted there last year have at least doubled in size, and in full bloom for our visit, dazzled the eyes.  Happy, happy plants.  
 photo pro4607_zpsa5a79aa8.jpg 

 photo pro4602_zpsceac5c0c.jpg
Backed by a golden Cupressus macrocarpa, the yellow was almost overwhelming, "wearied the brain with its unsteady brightness."
 photo pro4605_zpsa1172cbc.jpg
Viewed back lit, the effect was even more intense.  A Leucadendron there at lower right.
 photo pro4608_zps93ea9fb0.jpg
" a dazzling vapour of light"
 photo pro4609_zpsf2851c63.jpg  
Labeled as "Orange Protea"
 photo pro4599_zps923082de.jpg
 Even illuminating a mere Juncus, the bright light was powerful.  It is developing the merciless strength of spring and summer.  
 photo pro4596_zps4f55a281.jpg
A weeping ornamental Cherry near a splashing fountain was a splatter of glare.     
 photo pro4592_zps8e08e71b.jpg 
Back at home, Leucadendron 'Ebony', about to bloom, seemed soothing rather than somber.    
 photo Hunemania4473_zps75ec2091.jpg


  1. Lovely quote, and I really like the image after "sparkling dust..." -- very nice!

  2. Beautiful plants, the colours are bright and dazzling.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Brilliant photography! Beautiful blooms and plants!

  4. Really, I am going have to stop looking at your posts if they are just going to give me another case zone envy, especially from those beautiful backlit Leucospermums.

  5. Just stunning. One of my favorite group of plants. We can grow some leucadendrons (I have an 'Ebony', for example) here in the western Sacramento Valley but leucospermums are not quite hardy. Although I'm very close to giving it a try myself.

  6. Beautiful photos - I especially like the 2nd one from the top. I took photos of the same yellow Leucospermum on my last visit to Roger's, although it was a cruel reminder that I managed to kill a seedling I picked up at the South Coast Flower Show last year - I was warned to avoid giving it too much water and erred, I think, by giving it too little.

  7. Happy happy plants...and happy happy me, wallowing in the beauty of your backlit photos.

  8. Lovely close-ups and the quote is great!


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