Resuming Work On The West Slope

Prettier than the slope:
 My nemisis the slope:
 photo 3-28-5008_zpsa1d390e2.jpg
After a lot of thought, I decided replacing the sprinklers on the slope with a drip system would be wise.  Since it is a large and difficult area I want a sturdy system, so a contractor is going to come out next week and give me an estimate on installation.  In the meantime I trimmed our side of the neighbor's hedge.  Blocks I put up at the top of the slope to act as safe places to stand while hedge trimming really, really helped.  

I also cut down two of the three 'Margaritaville' Yucca that were there.  There are still two left because one offset.  I'll save that offset and do something with it--the other original is coming out, along with the root systems.  Nice plants, but they were in the wrong place.  I also am not thrilled at how they lost their symmetry after they bloomed.  

The view from the slope is lovely:
 photo 3-28-4997_zpsc09f1f1f.jpg
I'll also ask the contractor who is coming out about placing the blocks a little better.  It would also be nice to have a small notch in the slope made with blocks, just large enough to sit on and enjoy the view.
 photo 3-28-4992_zps3e4327b3.jpg
The roses look good.  I planted that Coprosma on the right a few years ago in hopes it would agree with the flowers on 'Disneyland'.  It does, sort of. 
Rosa 'Disneyland' photo 3-25-4967_zps70106082.jpg
The Ranunculus are about finished.    I enjoyed their photogenic quality.
 photo 3-28-5035_zps71f520a0.jpg
The darker more purple Dutch Iris started to bloom in the past few days.  The bluer ones are finished.
 photo 3-28-5014_zpsb68e620f.jpg
 Speaking of both blue and photogenic, the blue Dianella I got a few months back now has a ever-so dainty inflorescence.

 photo 3-28-5023_zps726d0246.jpg
It's fun to photograph.
 photo 3-28-5025_zps7fe61304.jpg    
Okay, enough fun stuff.  Back to work!


  1. I sympathize with your slope struggle. At least you have a beautiful view from yours. My own slope is at the back of our property behind a hedge, which keeps it out of view unless one is intrepid (or foolish) enough to venture down there. The upper half is covered with honeysuckle, which I haven't had the energy, money or knees to tackle. The lower half gets haphazard attention. Some hard decisions need to be made about the space. My husband and I just spent hours cutting back a rambling Yucca elephantipes, barely making a dent in it. The soil is dry and rocky - I could go on and on. I'll be interested to hear about your irrigation project.

    1. We have a view from it, but also a complete view OF it from the west windows upstairs--so it has to look decent--at least it does to me. With your slope hidden, it need only retain its geological integrity, right? Until such time as you care to make use of it. Yes, Yuccas...I am learning to be very careful with Yuccas. At least Agaves die eventually.

  2. It was a good idea to put the blocks on the slope, a place for a seat would be good to take advantage of the view. Could you put a path of stones throughout the plantings to make it safe to walk on this slope as it looks quite steep? Your house and garden look lovely dear Hoover, so many beautiful plants and roses, ranunculus have such pretty flowers.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thank you, Dianne. I'm going to ask the contractor about a better pathway. It's not super steep but it is hard to walk on.

      Never thought I would ever live in such a pretty house. Life can bring surprises.


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