Some Rose Closeups

 'Pope John Paul II'
Rosa 'Pope John Paul II' photo 3-25-4929_zps1ac3a3b2.jpg
'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria'
Rosa 'Kaiserin Auguste Viktoria' photo 3-25-4947_zpsf6d8234a.jpg
'Lunar Mist'
Rosa 'Lunar Mist' photo 3-25-4918_zps30887d08.jpg
'Munstead Wood', peaking through a Salvia.
Rosa 'Munstead Wood' photo 3-25-4906_zps390c2215.jpg
 'Golden Celebration'
Rosa 'Golden Celebration' photo 3-25-4959_zpsa870b45f.jpg
Rosa 'Barcelona' photo 3-25-4966_zpsc9547fc9.jpg
'Ebb Tide', just about to fall apart.
Rosa 'Ebb Tide photo 3-25-4938_zpsad91f417.jpg
 'Wildeve', shy.
Rosa 'Wildeve' photo 3-25-4942_zps8008e4bd.jpg 
Besides the roses, Digiplexis 'Ilumination Flame' has recovered from being planted.  So far, so good...
Digiplexis 'Illumination Flame' photo 3-25-4903_zpsefd8ba4c.jpg

Digiplexis 'Illumination Flame' photo 3-25-4914_zpsdaca1542.jpg 
I have not been in the gully garden for a few days.  In my absence, the Hippeastrums have started to open.
'Apple Blossom' or facsimile:
x Hippeastrum 'Apple Blossom' photo 3-25-4925_zps1415b303.jpg
'Rilona' (!)
x Hippeastrum 'Rilona' photo 3-25-4934_zpsd6447dc6.jpg   
And to finish, a simple Nasturtium, veined like Tiffany glass.
Nasturtium photo 3-25-4955_zps67a47a75.jpg
Ah, spring!   


  1. Beautiful closeups! I love the colors of your roses, especially those golden-apricot ones and the dark reds. Munstead Wood is just so rich looking. Nothing but aconites up here at the moment - roses in spring, wow!

    1. Thanks spurge. Munstead Wood is drooly-good!

  2. I don't grow roses because of their fussiness, but I do love looking at the flowers. So I always enjoy your beautiful closeups of them. And the Nasturtium too, a favorite annual.

    1. Thanks Alison. It is climate isn't it? Here they are so easy. If they were fussy I wouldn't grow them either--well not many anyway.

  3. You make a good case for giving Nasturtium equal billing with the divas.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous photographs!
    Roses are so addictive, aren't they? I've never seen Wildeve before. The deep lavender color is lovely and unusual - I'm putting it on my wish list!
    Thank you, Suzanne

  5. Beautiful photos of beautiful roses. One of my 4 Digiplexis has produced the start of a flower spike too, although it's not as far along as yours. I'm gratified to discover it may actually bloom - I killed an Isoplexis 2 years ago before it got even close.

    1. I was looking at the Isoplexis at Digging Dog--they say they are not that easy.

  6. Your spring is our summer, the roses are already gorgeous flowering. The Ebbtide rose looks so different in colour, so pretty. The Digiplexis 'Illumination Flame", another beauty I have not heard of before, looks a bit like Digitalis may be they are relatives.

    1. The Digiplexis is a new plant, cross of Isoplexis (recently reclassified to Digitalis I think) and a Digitalis.

  7. roses are not my favorite but I cannot help being totally charmed by these especailly the purple one

  8. Looking forward to seeing the Digiplexus as it advances into bloom. It looks quite yummily (is that a word?) orange and pink, and I think I recall pictures of the open flowers showing both colors.

    1. Yes pink/red/burgundy depending on the light and the location, and orange in the center, though I see this morning the center starts out greeny-yallery, and oranges up.

  9. Sorry all for delay in comment answering. I've been doing a lot of stuff...


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