Starts Out Greeny-Yallery, Then Oranges Up

The centers of Digiplexis flowers, I mean.  Greeny-yallery:
 photo 3-29-5041_zps0c742165.jpg
The orange begins:
 photo 3-29-5042_zps37795409.jpg
I cut back many of the roses harder this year.  It seems to have made them look better.
'Gene Boerner'
 photo 3-29-5049_zps88bdc364.jpg
'Pink Gruss an Aachen', aka 'Irene Watts' (of commerce):
 photo 3-29-5050_zpsed596877.jpg
'Brass Band' I did not cut back so hard, and it doesn't look as good.  Next year...
 photo 3-29-5054_zps5d0187cc.jpg
'Disneyland' is back where it was five years ago.  In 2010 when the pond filtration was re-worked, it got dug out and set aside.  Then replanted, then dug out again.  Full recovery took several years.
 photo 3-29-5063_zps74cc3880.jpg
Not many roses have beautiful foliage.  The newly emerging leaves of 'Lady Emma Hamilton' are some of the most beautiful:
 photo 3-29-5044_zps5432adb2.jpg
Perhaps because of the drought, the Madeira Geraniums are having a great year.  
Rain?  We don't need no stinkin' rain.
 photo 3-29-5080_zps5c9952a0.jpg
x Hippeastrum 'Rilona' is another plant back from the dead this year.  Last year no blooms at all that I can remember, because the year before that, 'Rilona' was completely shaded and engulfed by a Phormium.  Phormium removed, 'Rilona' has recovered.  Welcome back!
 photo 3-29-5074_zps8862b0ff.jpg
And what must be the most beautiful shot of the day, harvested garlic.  This was from a few sprouted cloves--I could have thrown them out, but planted them instead and got--more garlic.  Can't beat that.  
 photo 3-29-5088_zps29f32b1f.jpg


  1. All of your flowers look wonderful, the digiplexus flower is very beautiful.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. (I don't think my comment took, so I'm posting it twice.) Garlic is magic. I've been toying with the idea of cutting a Weigela back really hard, because its form is ugly. Hoping it will improve if it starts over.

    1. I don't know about Weigela, but for fairly mature (14 yrs) roses, it was a great improvement.

    2. I love garlic. And no garden vampires!

  3. Your garden's already overflowing! Your roses, as usual, are overwhelmingly beautiful. All my own Digiplexis now have spikes but my guess is that I'm still a week or more away from the first blooms. I do finally have a few blooms on the sweet peas, though!

    1. So happy you finally have sweet peas. Enjoy! We'll both see how that Digiplexis works out in this climate.

  4. Ah, the lovely flower color of Digiplexus - thank you!! And Disneyland is that great combo of pink and orange that I admire in Agastache 'Acapulco Orange' every summer. Your roses are looking superb!

    1. Agastache 'Acapulco Orange'--yes, I've killed that one. An orange-pink combo sounds bad, but looks good in person. I would have never thought so--but it do so.

  5. It's difficult to maintain my general disdain for roses when I see your photos.


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