Wednesday Flowers

Clematis 'Angelique'
 photo 3-4-4238_zps1f80c81a.jpg
Little left of what passed for winter this year,  still so much to do.
Rosa 'Lunar Mist', slightly marred by the week end rain.
 photo 3-4-4243_zps457747a8.jpg
The few Ranunculus returned from last year are either red or white.  They look fine with the pale apricot roses and ever-blooming 'Rozanne'.  The bright yellow Ranunculus that did not return clashed quite horribly. That certainly worked out well.
 photo 3-4-4266_zps46bce4a3.jpg
No Thrips damage at all--the white flowers are flawless.
 photo 3-4-4250_zps6990e859.jpg 
Except in shape.  
 photo 3-4-4248_zps33e25243.jpg 
Little 'Snowbird' rose, purchased last year as a rooted cutting, has settled into her prime spot catty-corner to another small white rose, 'Bolero'
 photo 3-4-4260_zps77c97f86.jpg 
I'll be taking a few days off from blogging.  There's so much garden work to finish up before spring arrives;  I need to focus. 
 photo 3-4-4271_zpsf3d8f90d.jpg 
Back in a few days.   


  1. Hope you get caught up. I've been behind for a long time. I really need to focus too. Beautiful closeups!

  2. Happy gardening! I think we'll all be spending less time at the computer in the days to come.


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