And So Itohs

A day after opening, the Itoh Peony 'Misaka' turns from a bronzy peach to yellow.
 photo 4-4-5154_zps1395f85b.jpg
 Iris 'Paprika Fonos' maintains its bronzy tones.
 photo 4-4-5146_zps51982f65.jpg
My Hosta substitute, the 'Rock n Roll' Alstroemeria, is about to bloom.  Amidst sedate green foliaged plants, the wild variegation isn't so lurid, and the rusty red flowers match the touch of red in the nearby Itoh peony and the 'Oshio Bene' Japanese Maple.  I'm trying to coordinate my colors...   
 photo 4-4-5160_zps6e923a53.jpg
The new 'Rock 'n Roll' foliage is green-edged yellow.  As the foliage matures, the yellow whitens.  Other white bits in the garden,  'Gourmet Popcorn':
 photo 4-4-5150_zpscb1a67ab.jpg
 'Moondance'.  This is the best year ever for this floribunda.  It's been slow to establish.  It has now produced a true spring show.
 photo 4-4-5182_zpsc94d25cb.jpg 
'Windermere' is not purely white.
 photo 4-4-5186_zps3dee6518.jpg
Silver--or nearly white, with a blue cast, is Stachys 'Bello Grigio', a new introduction from the Netherlands.  It lights up a gloomy corner.  
 photo 4-4-5144_zps155aa26f.jpg 
I looked up Stachys on Wikipedia.  The entry for Stachys byzantina claimed a common name for the plant is  
"Scouting Toilet Paper; Boy Scouts are known to use the leaves as toilet paper as it is very soft and the "fur" helps with the cleaning process."

Seriously?  I think someone is playing a little joke. 
 photo 4-4-5206_zps175927d0.jpg 
The spring beauty of  'Geranium Red' is no joke.
 photo 4-4-5167_zpsd122da91.jpg
'William Morris' nods in agreement.
 photo 4-4-5170_zpsbdfdd5e1.jpg
'Brass Band' peaks.
 photo 4-4-5176_zps124b6ac7.jpg
The last light of the day hits the Madeira Geranium.
 photo 4-4-5199_zpsc6b6523b.jpg  
Scouting toilet paper?!?  

And so Itohs.
 photo 4-4-5162_zps998c8414.jpg


  1. Love that Itoh peony. I planted one last year, but have no memory of which one it was. I'll be surprised if/when it blooms!

  2. Too funny. I was pronouncing it wrong.

    1. I am not sure if it is eee-toe or eye-toh, but for what it cost, I think I get to pronounce it however I want.

  3. Lovely photos, not-so-lovely image of the scouts..but oh, well: resourcefulness is their stock in trade.

    1. Yes it is. Resourcefulness is good for us gardeners, too.

  4. Misaka is gorgeous! And your roses are all so beautiful too... Too many it's hard to pick a favorite.

  5. The color change in 'Misaka' is remarkable. I've been greatly tempted to pick up another Itoh peony but I'm trying to exercise a modicum of self-discipline and wait to see if the one I've already got blooms again this year. The common name for the Stachys is hilarious (if also suspect).

    1. Self-discipline in plant purchases?!?

  6. I love that iris! Your picture of the geranium filled with light is gorgeous too.

    1. That's a very reliable Iris, by the way. I think it's been in the same spot undisturbed for 10 years now.


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