Neighborhood Garden Tour (Part 2)

Interrupted by a visit to the Huntington, and Bloom Day.  Back to the tour.  Next stop...
 photo 4-11-5391_zpscfb9b6df.jpg
This charming garden belongs to a family in which every member enjoys creativity and art.  It shows.  

Even the potting bench is beautiful.  
 photo 4-11-5400_zps25be4caf.jpg
Two family members:
 photo 4-11-5404_zpscec81d8b.jpg 

 photo 4-11-5408_zps5e5fe3a3.jpg
Plain black nursery pots made fun by a family painting project.  
 photo 4-11-5409_zps1b15631e.jpg

 photo 4-11-5410_zps44d0da90.jpg   

 photo 4-11-5412_zps56bb6255.jpg
A mature native Oak is the property's botanical highlight.  This is a small part of it.
 photo 4-11-5415_zps1629420b.jpg
Tree with a view.
 photo 4-11-5418_zpsb18dabc4.jpg
Fun portraits of the daughter and son-in-law on display indoors.  
 photo 4-11-5428_zps8ec4189d.jpg
Window view
 photo 4-11-5430_zps0b305d16.jpg 

 photo 4-11-5432_zpse8c9fb6f.jpg
The next and last garden was carefully groomed.  There was only a leaf or two fallen under a row of Eucalyptus. 
 photo 4-11-5436_zps7d9de854.jpg
 A beautiful mature landscape.
 photo 4-11-5438_zpsf646eb5c.jpg

 photo 4-11-5440_zps5588394e.jpg 
 photo 4-11-5441_zps5d81efe0.jpg
 photo 4-11-5442_zps7d0e5ce2.jpg
We enjoyed an alfresco lunch...
 photo 4-11-5445_zpsdb385770.jpg  
Swooned over the blooming Ceanothus...
 photo 4-11-5446_zps808748ae.jpg
...then it was time to go home.  
 photo 4-11-5447_zps17712ee4.jpg


  1. Looks like the weather is fine!

    1. Yes, it was a lovely day--but oh, for some rain!

  2. The Ceanothus is beautiful and I love the photos of the fountain in the partier garden, a beautiful simplicity of green plants with white flowers and some pink. The trickling water looks so refreshing flowing over the edges of the bowls.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Yes, so simple and elegant. It is a restful garden.

  3. I wonder how the daughter likes her portrait. lol The tree trunks and bougainvillea are beautiful! I wish we could grow Ceanothus here but it melts down.

    1. The artist asked her to scowl, and the result was delightful. It's meant to be fun rather than serious, and it is fun. (Also beautifully painted.)

      Ceanothus I appreciate more and more--the glossy foliage and graceful arching habit, not just the flowers.


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