Rosa 'Evelyn' This Morning

Queen 'Evelyn's spring flush is appearing just in time for a horrific heat wave.  I will enjoy her now--tomorrow, she's toast.  
Tomorrow's ashes:
Rosa 'Evelyn' photo 4-27-6258_zpsa2da89b1.jpg
I meant to move the 'Hot Lips' salvia at her feet this year, but it didn't happen.
Rosa 'Evelyn' photo 4-27-6234_zpsf0f3fb6e.jpg  
This new S. microphylla x greggii, 'Blast' might be a better companion.  It looks to be similar to 'Hot Lips' in most ways but flower color.
Salvia 'Blast' photo 4-27-6247_zps06cd7054.jpg
Compare the color...
Rosa 'Evelyn' photo 4-27-6262_zps2d193f12.jpg
The Shasta daisies and 'Rozanne' will hold up better to the heat than 'Evelyn'.  At least they look fresh now.
Shasta Daisy with Geranium 'Rozanne' photo 4-27-6244_zpsf71c7d02.jpg 
If only there was smell-o-net for that sweet peach fragrance.
Rosa 'Evelyn' photo 4-27-6269_zpsad9b5f42.jpg 
Clematis 'Wisley' is also in full glory, but will likely continue through the heat.  The glory will survive. 
Clematis 'Wisley' photo 4-27-6305_zpsc6318aba.jpg 
Why can't you be a little earlier, or a little later?  Why is it always when the heat flares, or just in time for a week of rain?
Rosa 'Evelyn' photo 4-27-6265_zpsc2090b21.jpg
My struggling 'Arctic Queen' will be of no help in reducing the heat. 
Clematis 'Arctic Queen' photo 4-27-6289_zpse16bc673.jpg
You--you--diva, you.  
Rosa 'Evelyn' photo 4-27-6276_zps46678164.jpg  


  1. I think "blast" will look beautiful with "hot lips" if you do get around to moving them. Great pictures. We still have a ways to go up here in Minnesota, our daffodils are barely opening up.

    1. Thanks! Enjoy the daffodils--they seem to bring springtime.

  2. Lovely summer in your garden . Evelyn is gorgeous, such a lovely colour. Salvia Blast is a perfect match. And I love Clematis Wisley, I'm going to look out for it. You can never have too many clematis.

    1. Yes you are absolutely right--we can never have too many clematis.

  3. The rose ´Evelyn´ is such a sweet beauty, I love the combination with the colour of the Clematis ´Wisley´.

  4. Beautiful flowers in your garden dear Hoover, so sorry you are having a 'heat-wave' so soon. Evelyn is a magnificent rose and Salvia '"Blast"will be a perfect companion for her.. Salvia 'Hot Lips' is also very pretty.
    xoxoxo ♡


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