Spring Bloom In The Huntington Desert Garden

 Though there are still Aloes blooming in April, the majority are finished, and spring bloomers such as Puyas take over. 
Cericidium x 'Desert Museum'
 photo dg5754_zps6f5fbb71.jpg
The Cericidium yellow competed with the glowing Golden Barrels.
 photo dg5702_zpsdbb592ae.jpg 

 photo dg5689_zpsc59ee7e2.jpg
This Euphorbia was also ablaze.
 photo dg5653_zpsb85387a3.jpg
 photo dg5755_zps57f874fb.jpg 
Pachycereus marginatus
 photo dgPachycereusMarginatus5764_zpsbb2cfb8f.jpg 
Agave marmorata has particularly bright flowers:
 photo dgMarmorata5749_zps3a794879.jpg 
 photo dg5709_zpsfdda3608.jpg
Flowers all over the Euphorbia millii
 photo dg5649_zpscd922f6a.jpg

 photo hrg5655_zps5dccf8ef.jpg
We counted eight fat hummingbirds fighting over this mass of hybrid Aloe flowers.  
 photo dg5747_zps9b063616.jpg 
And many Puyas were just beginning their floral show.
 photo dg5736_zpsc7c35df1.jpg
That amazing rich deep blue...
 photo dg5733_zps13bb3257.jpg

 photo dgHummer5731_zps8f4d5aab.jpg

 photo dg5726_zps42387f49.jpg
These are enormous--24" (60 cm) tall, at least, on a 10' (3 meter) stalk.
 photo dg5720_zps3933f053.jpg

 photo dg5717_zps9109c2d4.jpg 
   photo dg5719_zps260f1264.jpg An out-of-the-ordinary Erythrina, E. acanthocarpa:
 photo dgErythrinaAcanthocarpa5692_zps470b2991.jpg
House finches on a cactus
 photo dg5699_zpscf4aa2a8.jpg 
How's this for tall? 
  photo dg5674_zps3a569d2e.jpg
In future, I will not hesitate to visit the Desert Garden in April.  There's more to it than Aloes.
 photo dg5675_zps1d73d727.jpg



  1. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos from the Huntington. Following your lead, I took my mom over for a visit on Wednesday to see the roses. She's 91, so we limited our walking and I missed seeing the desert garden, always one of my favorites. I'll go back but it's a treat to see what I missed this time!

    1. I hope you had a lovely visit with your dear Mom. The Desert Garden is surely worth a return trip--and the Japanese Garden, and the Chinese Garden, and the galleries...

  2. Thanks for saving me a trip, though I'm sure in person it's even better! The Parkinsonia X 'Desert Museum' (Cercidium) is stunning with those barrels...looks like a combo made in heaven, especially if I could add a blue wall in there somewhere when it appears in one of my designs...

    1. A blue wall would be fantastic!

      In person you get the hummingbird fights--they add to the fun.

  3. Great photo of the Gasteria. It's the hummingbirds' favorite plant right now. Actually all the photos are superb. Love the odd colors of the puya flowers.

    1. Glad you liked the photos. The Puya colors are quite amazing--many of the Bromeliads have striking colors.

  4. I've admired the foliage on Gasteria but I didn't know they produce such beautiful flowers. Now I HAVE to get one (or 2 or 3). I did acquire a Puya a couple of months ago but I understand I'll have a good long wait before I see it flower.

    1. The Gasteria flowers look hand painted. The hummingbirds love them, too. My 10 year old Puya...still waiting...

  5. So beautiful the Cericidium flowering over the Cactaea.

  6. I know you had good subjects to work with, but your photos are beautiful.

    1. All you have to do there is stand and press the shutter button. There's beauty everywhere.


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