Surprise, Not A Surprise

Surprise! I was flabbergasted to see a flower bud on this badly neglected little succulent, Rhombophyllum nelii dolabriforme.
Native to the Cape province of South Africa.  Common name:  "Elk Horns".
 photo 4-6-5216_zps00c900a2.jpg
Surprise!  My cherry crop:
 photo 4-6-5266_zpsa3509e88.jpg
All two of them.  Two more than I expected this year.
 photo 4-6-5265_zps3c666391.jpg 
Surprise!  The 'Meyer' lemon that I hacked up, threw in the garbage for a few days, then rescued and replanted has quite a bit of healthy new growth.
 photo 4-6-5264_zps4d9e8f4e.jpg
Surprise!  An Echeveria completely dried up has recovered completely.  All it took was water.
 photo 4-6-5263_zps41eb4aa6.jpg 
Surprise!  Haloragis erectus 'Wellington Bronze' was a complete dud when first I planted it.  Its descendents, seedlings that have appeared here and there, have proven to be fine little space fillers.  You fooled me, honey.  Thank you. 
 photo 4-6-5260_zps03708fca.jpg
Tomatoes--in April?!?!  Surprise!
 photo 4-6-5237_zpse827a164.jpg 
Surprise!  After sitting most of winter, slowly drying up, the 'Blue Glow' bulbils are growing roots, starting to photosynthesize again, and yes, grow.
 photo 4-6-5228_zps65d2ea7d.jpg
I made the attempt to be creative in my re-purposing of a landscape light as a wee succulent pot--the succulent didn't like it at all.  However, (Surprise!) apparently a bromeliad does:
 photo 4-6-5214_zps57700095.jpg
Speaking of bromeliads, what is more surprising than that some of them bloom pink and blue?
Aechema fasciata.  The pink is the bracts, the blue-violet the actual flowers.
 photo 4-6-5279_zps307c169b.jpg
Speaking of blooms, the size of the Aloe pseudorubroviolacea stem is--a surprise.
 photo 4-6-5275_zps2233b4b5.jpg
 I love a garden that surprises me.  

One thing that is not a surprise?  The piggy habits of the Samoyed.  I explained to Beloved that feeding a Samoyed at the table creates an adorable begging monster--or in this case, two of them.  Beloved has been feeding them at the table.  
 photo 4-6-5208_zpsa13096db.jpg
Not a surprise!
 photo 0elk5281_zps59a32519.jpg 


  1. So many lovely surprises in your garden dear Hoover, the flowers on the succulents are beautiful, so too Boris and Natasha.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Just one of those surprises can make a day - you're clearly having a good spring (heat and drought and begging puppies notwithstanding).

  3. You have a garden load of pleasant surprises. Mine is more of a mixed bag.

  4. The resurrection of the Meyer lemon, and the flower on that little elkhorn succulent are wonderful - the 'Blue Glow' bulbil health is fabulous! It's a good time for surprises.

    1. We give to our gardens, and they give back.

  5. Love your "Elk Horns" the search! Thanks for great post, as aways

    1. It's a cute little plant, and can take a lot of water (not in winter, though). And a lot of abuse, which I have given it.

  6. Love your garden updates! It's delightful to read about your "surprises", because I certainly can relate.
    The thing is - spring is too slow! I can barely contain myself from yanking out anything not showing proper April spirit and leaping out out of the ground!
    Happy gardening,

    1. Well, if Spring happened all at once, it wouldn't last very long. Patience, grasshopper?


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