The Little Echinopsis Bloomed

The little Echinopsis bloomed.  The flower is about the same diameter as the entire plant.  Weird how such a glassine beauty sprouts hair like a gorilla.
Echinopsis flower photo 4-9-5302_zps517db359.jpg
Aloe maybe-camperi is also blooming.  
Aloe camperi (?) photo 4-9-5309_zps16e9827d.jpg
It is happier since I dug out the Tagetes lemonii that engulfed it most of spring, summer, and autumn.  I miss the Tagetes lemonii and will likely plant a new copy elsewhere.  The bees adored it also, and if the bees adore, this gardener plants more. 
Aloe camperi (?) photo 4-9-5312_zpsb1765b3f.jpg
Flowers on the 'Blue Glow' stem have opened, but the stem fell over.  
fallen flower photo 4-9-5318_zps95306fe4.jpg
While photographing that, I realized the Alluadia procera has grown.  
Alluadia procera photo 4-9-5314_zps80f90f5e.jpg
I finished running irrigation drippers to all the Carex clumps and Agaves on the east slope.  It looks very mid-century modern to me.  I can taste of the latest popular style but have it in an out-of-the-way area, so there's little stylistic dissonance.  
style on the slope photo 4-9-5317_zpsf7443be3.jpg  
So, that was today in pictures.  I was frantically cleaning, dead-heading, moving furniture, making arrangements and so forth for tomorrow, when the garden club is coming for a visit.  So many of the roses are toast because we've had three days of near-or-over 90F (32 C).  Given a rainy winter, they would have stood up to three days of heat much better.  But we didn't have a rainy winter. 


  1. I can appreciate the toll the recent heat has taken. Good luck with your garden club prep!

    1. Thanks--it was a whirlwind. A fun whirlwind, but I'm whirled enough for a while.

  2. If I were a member of your garden club, I'd be dazzled!

    1. There were some wonderful gardens. Next post will show.

  3. Cactus flowers never cease to amaze me! Such beauty, yet so ephemeral. I'm surprised these tiny echinopsis don't die from exhaustion after producing such gigantic flowers.


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