A Succulent Celebration

Waterwise Botanicals in Escondido was the scene for a "Celebration of Succulents" yesterday.  
The event continues today, Saturday June 7th.  
Kelly Griffin was a featured speaker.  He is the creator of many nubbly bubbly bumpy wumpy little Aloe hybrids.  He spoke about plant hunting in the wilds of Mexico and Madagascar, and a bit about hybridizing.  
The man himself.  Note:  real plant guys bring their Felcos.  
 photo 6-6-2014-8217_zps861845b6.jpg
There were also a few local vendors on hand--plant pots, lavender products, local fruits and vegetables, and the like.  
 photo 6-6-2014-8215_zpse9916524.jpg
It's a large place.  There were plenty of beautiful plants to admire.
Crassula 'Campfire':
 photo 6-6-2014-8239_zps079ba264.jpg
Crassula argentea 'Sunset Gold'
 photo 6-6-2014-8233_zps75ed7510.jpg
There are also some demonstration gardens, and a pond.  
 photo 6-6-2014-8222_zps093297b6.jpg
Happy Alluadia:
 photo 6-6-2014-8220_zpsc2bee119.jpg

 photo 6-6-2014-8353_zps149d6f40.jpg
Acacia stenophylla:
 photo 6-6-2014-8346_zps2d815f78.jpg
Some of the plant prices were real bargains.  They had beautiful tall Anigozanthos for $14.50.  I've only seen them for $40 this year.
 photo 6-6-2014-8321_zpsa2690364.jpg 
Big healthy Golden Barrels were just $24.
 photo 6-6-2014-8241_zpsbaabac31.jpg
Other plants seemed expensive.  It pays to shop around.

 photo 6-6-2014-8224_zps8d810d61.jpg
Very small plants are for sale.
 photo 6-6-2014-8249_zpsc540d9f5.jpg
And very large plants are for sale.
 photo 6-6-2014-8243_zps41c33fb2.jpg
Lots and lots to see.
 photo 6-6-2014-8328_zpsbe660d8e.jpg
Some plein air artists were on hand as well.
 photo 6-6-2014-8329_zpsc1082877.jpg

 photo 6-6-2014-8348_zps8ce2425c.jpg

 photo 6-6-2014-8327_zps4dbe73d0.jpg
It's a busy place.
 photo 6-6-2014-8313_zps7a87aa21.jpg
There were "water wise" plants besides succulents.  Grasses...
 photo 6-6-2014-8295_zps4f3a76fa.jpg

 photo 6-6-2014-8289_zps406a0497.jpg
flowering perennials for hot dry climates.
 photo 6-6-2014-8287_zps38a01c0f.jpg

 photo 6-6-2014-8284_zps4e3e198f.jpg
Another speaker began her talk, but I chose to wander the plants instead.  Not only were there lots of plants, there were a lot of people, too.
 photo 6-6-2014-8320_zps8698fd70.jpg
I found a shady bench to sit for a few minutes.  It was getting hot.  The hummingbird looked tired, too.
 photo 6-6-2014-8340_zps7dd36b3a.jpg

 photo 6-6-2014-8267_zpsb2f35c9d.jpg
Ooops, won't be able to sell that one.
 photo 6-6-2014-8261_zps0d96c737.jpg
Lots of plants...
 photo 6-6-2014-8303_zps0ee8e999.jpg
Lots and lots of plants...
 photo 6-6-2014-8301_zps6870277c.jpg
Succulent Celebration continues today.  If you are in the area, the San Diego Cactus and Succulent Show is today and tomorrow at Balboa Park.  Over 2,000 amazing plants are expected to compete for glory.
 photo 6-6-2014-8209_zps5930dced.jpg
Have a plant-filled weekend!


  1. Great pictures as always. Out of curiosity, do you recall what comprised the mass of dark foliage beyond the speaker's tent in your crowd photo?

  2. Lots of lovely plants there, although not really for my garden, just to drool over :-)
    I have however got a few succulents now, some Sempervivums and a lovely Aeonium called 'Blushing Beauty'. Not sure how they will like the rainy season here, I don’t have a greenhouse so they will have to stay outside no matter what weather we have. Time will tell.

    1. The same for me with herbaceous paeonies and hostas. We gardeners are a funny group.

  3. Absolutely fascinating, your show of plants. Saw some familiar ones but many new and wishful. Love the shots of blue, and grasses and people, good to see them and their interest in plants.

  4. Wish I could have attended. Hopefully next year! Thank you for the mouth-watering photos!

    1. It was fun. Getting there early is mandatory, though. Parking turned into a madhouse rather quickly.

  5. So glad you went and reported and photographed it all so beautifully. This was on my calendar but got steamrolled by circumstances not under my control. Sounds like that needs an acronym like FUBAR --- CNUMC.

    1. Hopefully not bad CNUYC. Sorry you missed it. Some fantastic must-visit nurseries near by, too.

  6. Looks like the same kind of hummingbird (Anna?) that we have here. They must be much more temperature adaptable than I am.

    1. Several species are here, some year round--Anna, Black Chin, Rufous, Allen's. We're hummer-rich.


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