Bon Voyage, Beautiful Creature

 Tough, dreary work today.  I got the Dyckia clump dug out.  Anybody need a Dyckia clump?  Half found a home with a neighbor. 
  photo Monarch8571_zps6a3ce23e.jpg
I then discovered, to my horror, that the Aloe arborescens 'Yellow Torch' was completely and horribly infected with Aloe gall mite.  The galls were down in the center of the plant, so it was not apparent until closely inspected.  Out it came; into the garbage it went.  Now there is an empty spot;  a young Yucca rostrata will move into it.     
  photo Monarch8574_zps41c65cd1.jpg
Work has also proceeded, slowly, on the west slope.  Beloved has been so very helpful.  The irrigation valves needed some additions--a filter and pressure regulator. 
Filter and pressure regulator on top:  the zone valve connecting to it below;  another valve for the drip on the citrus trees below that is unaffected by our project:
 photo 000001valves_zps8107d982.jpg
 The old valve box no longer fit, so a new one had to be found.  Finally done.  Now I can fill the soil back in around the box.  
 photo Monarch8558_zps95f801fc.jpg
The old spray heads are all capped off, and checked for leaks.  All leaks fixed, and soil replaced. 
 photo Monarch8561_zps3a848f64.jpg
Unfortunately rodents are at the oranges.  It's a tiny crop this summer, after last summer's bounty. 
 photo Monarch8564_zps29f9fc57.jpg
There are compensations for the labor.  Echeveria subridgida sends up a flower stalk.  Look at the amazing colors--aqua, mauve, scarlet.
 photo Monarch8567_zpsc39d9347.jpg
Agave ovatifolia 'Frosty' is thriving:
 photo AgaveOvatifolia8566_zpsf1ef3f86.jpg
And if I had been 30 seconds later, I would not have seen the first Monarch emergence of the year in the garden.  I was just in time. After I snapped this picture, off it flew.  Bon voyage, beautiful creature.
 photo Monarch8580_zpse81c3dfb.jpg


  1. Wonderful shot of the butterfly beside the chrysalis. Chuckling that you put Dyckias in the ground, and they thrive.

    1. More than thrive. Too much more. I think they are better in less hospitable climates!

  2. How wonderful! (The Monarch, not the aloe gall mite or the rampaging rodents.)

  3. I've got an overgrown dyckia clump that needs attending to as well, so I walk by it quickly and think about something else. That's terrible about the aloe gall mites -- didn't know we had such plagues around. The snout weevil on agaves is more on my mind, tho haven't seen any evidence of them yet. My ovativolia, still in a pot, is burning in full sun. Yours looks lovely and unblemished, yet I know it's hotter out your way. Excitement here involves a dasylirion in bloom -- first time! Sure throws that beautiful symmetry out of whack tho...

    1. Ovatifolia gets lavish torrents of water. He like a lot of water.

      My Das is huge, but no sign of a bloom.

      I'm so done with Dyckias.

  4. So sad about the Aloe, I hate it when I find something infested like that. Beautiful Monarch. Sadly we didn't see even one here last summer. Wish I was closer, I'd go for those dyckias

  5. Beautiful echeveria and the butterfly which looks as if it has just emerged from its chrysalis.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Yes, it had just emerged. It was brand new.

  6. You are so lucky to catch a picture of the Monarch! I keep trying to attract them but no luck, or at least I never see them, let alone get a picture of one!

    1. Just accidental good luck that I put the milkweed next to that Agave and that they like that Agave for their chrysalises.


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