Rolling Around In Beaucarnea Flowers

Parodia leninghausii, Lemon Ball Cactus.

On this visit, most everything in bloom at the Huntington Desert Garden seemed to be yellow.  
Opuntia microdasys
Opuntia microdasys photo huntdg7918_zps2a1f9074.jpg
Alluaudia flowers.  I've never seen them close up before.  Usually the ones in bloom are 20' tall.  
 photo huntallu8006_zps9e83593d.jpg

 photo huntallu8008_zps998ab820.jpg
This Agave wasn't in bloom, but don't the yellow-edged swoops of  foliage make you ooh and ahh? 
 photo HuntAgave7936_zps86dcb06f.jpg
Pseudobombax ellipticum has pleated green ribbons of tissue on its swollen trunk.
 photo PseudobombaxEllipticum7975_zps58905765.jpg
The flowers are almost yellow--maybe they're ivory.  
 photo PseudobombaxEllipticum7978_zpsb37f95bc.jpg
Commonly known as "the shaving-brush tree".  Surely it will need a new common name in coming decades.  By then, who will know what a shaving brush is?
 photo PseudobombaxEllipticum7980_zps9dd77ccb.jpg
Euphorbia resinifera
Euphorbia resinifera photo huntEuphorbiaresinifera7989_zpsf8144a7b.jpg
The San Marcos website says the name Euphorbia 
"was noted by Pliny the Elder as being a reference to Euphorbus, the physician of King Juba II of Numidia."
E. resinifera is from the slopes of the Atlas mountains in Morocco.
I did always wonder where the name Euphorbia originated.  
Cyphostemna juttae.  This fine specimen is over six feet tall (2 m).  
 photo huntCyphostemna8002_zps75072487.jpg 
Follow the paths...
 photo HuntDG7898_zps28ff3b35.jpg they turn through the monsterous and monstrose bubbles of green...
 photo huntdb7997_zps32816077.jpg 
 photo huntfallen7948_zps5833243c.jpg
Whoa!  What is that all over the ground?!?  Did a vegan spill his couscous?
 photo huntfallen7952_zps7a66f2e7.jpg
Are those bees...rolling in pollen and flowers?!?  Yes they are.
 photo huntfallen7955_zpsf753aabb.jpg 
What flowers?
 photo huntfallen7954_zps70f06f73.jpg
Big yellow flowers.
 photo huntfallen7958_zpse3d75b9e.jpg
Reaching for sky, beckoning bees. 
 photo huntfallen960_zps6b049491.jpg
Beaucarnea flowers, making everyone smile.  
 photo huntcactiSmile7964_zps0a016643.jpg


  1. Amazing! How large are those Beaucarnea blooms? I can't get a sense of scale.

    I wish Opuntia microdasys was cold-hardy, as I really love the look. Sigh.

    1. About 5-6'. And I yearn for Hostas...

  2. I think I need to pay the Huntington's cactus and succulent garden a visit - it's looking great in your photos! The blanket created by those beaucarnea flowers is amazing - it's probably the bee's vision of heaven.

    1. There's always something to see. The big winter Aloe bloom is probably the highlight, but there's something blooming year round. Either bee heaven, or best bee brunch ever.

  3. The Huntington always makes me swoon.

  4. Some amazing and beautiful plants dear Hoover, I love the touches of yellow throughout the garden and always enjoy the interesting information you share with us,
    Those bees look like they are in pollen heaven.
    xoxoxo ♡


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