Time To Clean The Hemerocallis

A Clem, not a Hem:
The Hemerocallis have been putting on their big spring show.  By now some are a mess:
 photo 6-2-2014-8132_zps704fe235.jpg
I just discovered the easiest way to pull off the flower stems:  fold them down to the ground.  Most of them break free with an audible snap.
 photo 6-2-2014-8133_zpsca04822e.jpg
There, all clean!
 photo 6-2-2014-8137_zps1f5d5277.jpg
 photo HemX7822_zpsee753390.jpg
Old classic.  I disremember the name.  Old or not, a lovely color.
 photo Hem5788_zps44dc2d25.jpg
A recent introduction showing how day lily Hybridizers have turned a simple flower into something edged, textured, and ruffled.  The most recent introductions go far beyond this one--some might say too far, to the point of grotesquerie. 
'Victorian Lace'
 photo Hem8195_zps6316b2f5.jpg
As I clean the Hems, Dahlias bloom. photo Hem8208_zps1f3c9d39.jpg
The Hummers perch on 'Hercules'.  
 photo 5-29-14-7840_zpsfc46f82d.jpg
The Trachelium decided to grow five feet tall.  I didn't think they got that tall.  It's growing up through 'Tamora' rose, but I focused only on the Trachelium.
 photo Hem8202_zps2357a29f.jpg
 photo Hem8201_zps9670a212.jpg
Another precious day, more precious flowers. 



  1. How lovely! My hemerocallis haven't even begun to set scapes yet. I think your pink hemerocallis is 'Catherine Woodbury'. I had her in the garden for years but have been reducing the numbers of daylilies over the last several and she didn't make the cut. That Trachelium is gorgeous. I had some last year and they might have been eighteen inches tall or so but five feet!!!! Wow, that's marvelous. Is it perennial for you?

    1. 'Catherine Woodbury', yes that's it. Thanks! The Trachelium seems to be good for at least two years, perhaps three. That plant was a bit that survived one that did not I think three years ago now. I moved it, and it liked where I moved it.

  2. More beautiful flowers dear Hoover. I love the colour of the clematis and the old fashioned day lilies are a pretty colour, also the trachelium, the hummingbird is so cute and tiny.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Wow, so many empty scapes on your daylilies! Mine haven't even started flowering yet. Good tip on how to snap off the stems. I'm usually so lazy that I don't get to them until they're old enough to just pull off easily.

    1. They are having a great year--perhaps the drought is motivating them?

  4. A hummingbird in repose makes a great picture. I'll have to try your Hemerocallis clean-up trick.

    1. Since I can't seem to get them when they are flying, a reposing hummer will have to do.


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