Fling 2014: Lan Su Garden

What's a Fling, anyway?  It's eighty or so avid garden bloggers converging on a city all at once to visit lots of gardens, both public and private, in a madcap whirlwind binge of bus ride, garden, bus ride, garden. 
Some of it felt like this:
 photo blur0481_zps40a0076d.jpg 
But then again, a lot of it felt like this:
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9452_zps14c4d9f1.jpg 
We were a cheerful and happy group.
 photo group9403_zps76902880.jpg
 photo group9404_zps5196b986.jpg
Our first Fling destination was the only non-garden location:  Timber Press, in downtown Portland Oregon.  
We mobbed the place, ate some good food, and bought a few books.
 photo chi9390_zpsb584544f.jpg
The garden portion of our tour began with the Lan Su Garden, also in downtown Portland.  What was fascinating:  Lan Su is very similar in style to the Huntington's version, Liu Fang Yuan. 
The tranquility of the place almost made us forget we were in the middle of a city.  Almost...
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9516_zpsa265ec4f.jpg 
 I had the luxury of comparing Portland's version to one I have visited many times.  The buildings, bridges, walls, stone are all in a nearly identical style.  
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9515_zps9eb2f9e8.jpg
The overwhelming difference is one of scale.  The Portland version is intimate--on the scale of a private garden--albeit a luxurious one.
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9502_zpsfed3c261.jpg
The Huntington's version is public-sized:  the initial phase was five acres and the ultimate size is 12 acres.  
Portland's garden can fit entirely inside the one-and-a-half acre lake of Liu Fang Yuan, with a half-acre to spare. 
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9506_zps24455dbf.jpg
One feature of both gardens--though due to scale, Portland's was more obvious--was the use of structures to frame views.  Everywhere there were frames controlling what the visitor saw.  
Visitors were framed:
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9491_zps6591b96e.jpg

 photo chi9459_zps38225fd6.jpg
Frames within frames.
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9472_zps32cd6030.jpg
 Patterns within frames.
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9456_zps74a1ff27.jpg
The Huntington wins on size, but Portland's has many more interesting and more unusual plants.  
Rubus lineatus:
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi0499_zps205cd499.jpg

Lan Su Garden, Portland OregonLan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9464_zps23109479.jpg

Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9482_zps21539fd8.jpg

Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9426_zpsf39ce957.jpg
Portland's of course has more moss.  
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9406_zpsc7c4cec4.jpg
Several very helpful employees were available to identify plants and explain features of the garden.  
 photo chi9471_zpsc13fb3bf.jpg 
It was a great start to the Fling. 
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9444_zps7062b276.jpg 
The fun had begun.
Lan Su Garden, Portland Oregon photo chi9441_zps5216642a.jpg


  1. Beautiful views of the garden, I love the photos of the keyhole with and without the blogger framed in it. Providing the context of the garden is something I haven't seen before and I enjoyed the comparisons too although it has been years since I visited the Huntington.

  2. So many beautiful photos. They really capture the tranquility of the garden, in spite of the many people. It was great hanging out with you at the Fling.

    1. Great fun talking plants with you Gerhard, and your ability to fit so many plants in your suitcase is impressive. My two were a bit smashed, though they are now recovered. We Flingers were so happy and excited to be there, I thought it added a delight to the garden--a feeling of group joy.

  3. I saw the Huntington's Chinese Garden the first time shortly after it opened and then again a few years later but I think it's time for a return visit. It'll be interesting to see how it has matured. I understand that Phase II is starting too.

    1. Phase II is complete and Phase III has begun. The plants have matured quickly.

  4. I really liked the intimacy of this garden! You captured some nice images, and different views from what I saw! (Great meeting you in person too!)

    1. Great meeting you also, Alan. I hope you enjoyed the Fling and look forward to seeing your photos of it.

  5. Great shot of Kelly, framed. I suppose what I should read here is that the next time I'm at the Huntington I need to tear myself away from the Desert Garden and visit the Chinese Garden?

    1. Spend the day, lady, spend the day. And what about the enormous Banksias down in the Australian section that very few people go to see?

  6. I always enjoy your point of view Hoov. I am easily frustrated by bad light , and you found a way to work with it -- I need to slow down !

    1. Interesting you should mention the light. In that first garden I was quite surprised by the light--my perception was the light was quite different from home--much softer, if you can believe that, less glare, and less pink. Much easier to work with except where it was super shady.

  7. So many beautiful photos dear Hoover, I really loved the keyhole with and without the visitor framed in it, also the patterns within frames, the water reflections, the light and so many shades of green.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. And some fun gardeners with which to visit it. :^)

  8. A beautiful garden and beautifully photographed!


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