Fling 2014: Chickadee Gardens

The oak tree by the front door is a seedling from the family farm of one of the homeowners.  This sweet detail illustrates the love and care put into making the garden a special place. 
 photo dee0216_zpsae897056.jpg
As I took this panorama shot, people moved.  The camera edited them.  
 photo dee0215_zpsb7359f83.jpg
The front garden is filled with wildlife-friendly plants.
 photo dee0213_zpsde94c4c1.jpg
So is the back garden.
 photo dee0203_zpsea70b2b5.jpg
There's a green roof.
 photo dee0199_zpse324d02b.jpg
The green roof reflected in a glass window of the garden shed.
 photo dee0176_zps8ac3d024.jpg
Charming little details and vignettes throughout.
 photo dee0175_zpsac82f31d.jpg

 photo dee0167_zps8efb6480.jpg
Amazing amounts of joy per square foot.
 photo dee0152_zpsa8cf55fc.jpg
Lots of fun to photograph.
 photo dee0174_zpsbc35bcaa.jpg

 photo dee0164_zpsbcfe54ec.jpg

 photo dee0137_zpsa182a74e.jpg
Cool plants.
 photo dee0133_zps872a29d4.jpg

 photo dee0193_zps7985bc30.jpg
Obviously the garden is a haven for birds, even when mobbed by hot, sweaty bloggers.
 photo dee0192_zps05bf855a.jpg
The colorful shed must be cheering and energizing during a slate grey week of dreary winter rain.
 photo dee0197_zpsab3360a5.jpg

 photo dee0198_zpsd3416b1c.jpg
A cherished home, a much loved garden.  A joy to visit.   


  1. Your post really portrayed the personality of this garden, so now I added this one to "my list". I live in Portland and have visited some but not all of the gardens the Fling toured. Now, I'm anxious to see the others in person after reading the various blog posts.

    I also enjoy reading about your moving things around in your own garden because I do the same. :-)

    1. It's a really creative garden and fun to visit. All of the Fling gardens were wonderful, so I hope you get to see them all.

      Where plants are concerned, I rarely get it right the first time.

  2. A joy to visit it was indeed! And wow you captured that hummingbird nicely!

    1. Hummy flew into the frame as I was trying to get pictures of the chairs! :^)

  3. Great capture of the feeling at Tamara's place...

  4. A great post on Tamara's lovely, compact garden. It's all about the details, but she manages to get the big things right, too. I just don't know how you were able to capture such nice color in all that sun! I especially love the simple sunflower pic.

    1. Another great Fling garden. You guys picked all winners. The sun was not bright compared to how it is here, though that was perhaps the most challenging garden to photograph.


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