Fling 2014: Floramagoria: All This, And A Chandelier

This garden seemed to excel in nearly all ways.  

The plants, exotic or ordinary, were beautifully grown and healthy.
 photo flora0003_zps42321582.jpg

There were unusual plants, highlights for the plant nerds among us.
 photo flora0020_zpsd29f7c84.jpg 
Bog plants, exotic for a visitor from semi-arid California:
 photo flora9984_zps17c6580f.jpg 
A garden bog.  Awesome.
 photo flora9937_zps8bac0146.jpg

 photo Flora9817_zps7f4299d5.jpg

 photo flora9996_zpse6fd4f1d.jpg

Skilled design and style.  
 photo flora9895_zpsf77035b0.jpg
Style without putting style above comfort.  
 photo flora9923_zps079e2090.jpg
Style without putting style above the health of the plants. 
 photo flora0015_zps9a3391ac.jpg 
The front yard was a green, shady woodland.
 photo flora0063_zps1cbb89f9.jpg

 photo flora0054_zps44dd413c.jpg
In contrast, the exuberant back yard was open and filled with flowering perennials, succulents, and other features.
 photo flora0004_zps7ac41302.jpg

 photo flora9852_zps1f86f91b.jpg

 photo flora9914_zps7a73e995.jpg

Fun objects d'arte--some playful, others elegant.  None cliched, or out of place.  Not too many of them.  A sense of humor, yes, but also a sense of beauty. 
 photo flora0024_zpse5f6d044.jpg

 photo flora9983_zpse8cd45de.jpg

 photo flora0030_zps7ade0dc7.jpg   

 photo flora9904_zps6653414a.jpg

 photo flora9928_zps813fde4a.jpg

Highly functional as a space for people as well as plants--wonderful spots to sit, and to share a meal with others, and to get warm by the firepit, or cool off in the shade, and spacious enough to feel solitary and explore a bit.  The property was large enough without being a maintenance monster.  
A spacious covered area for a large dining table.  It was wonderful to sit and have lunch with fellow-visitors.  Also super comfortable as well as beautiful.
 photo flora0002_zpsaad2bd2f.jpg 
"I can't believe how nice this is..."
 photo flora9868_zps11fc7f39.jpg
 photo flora9958_zps2e78b53f.jpg 

Flowers!  Darn it, I love flowers, and I don't care who knows it. 
Clematis 'Rooguchi', maybe
 photo flora0025_zps26c3157c.jpg
Day lily
 photo flora0036_zps781d0267.jpg

 photo flora0007_zpsf7e5f805.jpg

 photo flora9966_zps66b211b7.jpg

 photo flora9918_zpsea80f691.jpg

 photo flora9910_zps3646af90.jpg
All that, and...a chandelier in the greenhouse!
 photo flora9974_zps13b1661b.jpg
I really, really was impressed by Floramagoria.
 photo flora9948_zps1d85c6fe.jpg


  1. We weren't prepared for what we were going to see as soon as we emerged from the side passage. This garden was perfect in more ways than one. Absolutely amazing garden that has given us so much inspiration. Great post and images of a great garden!

    1. It was so wonderful. (I can't stop saying that!)

  2. Wow! (Yes I know I use that word a lot) What an outstanding garden and so beautifully photographed. I need to come back and look at this several times because I can't get enough of these pics. TFS

    1. It was so wonderful. (I can't stop saying that!)

    2. Just came back for a revisit, love that blue pot with the bonfire begonia. great combination. and that border with the castor bean, ensete, actaea, eryngium etc,. fabulous

  3. The backyard was sunny? I remember it as being rainy... ;) Amazing place, just packed with plants, sculpture, and personal touches. Although I haven't gone through my photos yet, I already know that you captured elements that I didn't even see. Fun!

    1. yeah yeah yeah, i need to reword that sentence. thanks for the motivation to do so. ;^)

  4. Thanks for posting your lovely photos of this fabulous garden! This is the one that makes me regret that I couldn't make it to the Fling this year. Fortunately I live close enough to Portland that I should be able to get down to see it next time they open.

  5. This was a spectacular garden in so many ways! I love touring gardens and always come away with great ideas but this one was so wonderful that it made me wonder why I even bother gardening. The balance between humor, style, and plant health/interest was so well carried out. Thanks for bringing back fond memories of this incredible garden!

  6. This garden was oo-la-la from top to bottom. I'd never want to go into the house. Love the photos Hoov !

    1. It was wonderful! (I keep saying that.) Thanks!

  7. Exuberant is the word that comes to mind in seeing this garden. I'm still peculiarly drawn to that dinosaur - maybe because he's a surprise and also perfectly placed.

    1. Yes he looks like he's going to eat the bromeliad or the cryptanthus or whatever that thing is. Plus he matches the plant.

  8. I can never get enough of this garden. Your photo with the dinosaur is the standout for me. It perfectly captures the humor wrapped in beauty that defines floramagoria.

    1. Me, too. Super-fabulous, super-fabulous garden. Just loved it. There I go again...


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