Fling 2014: Old Germantown Garden's One Terrible Flaw

What are those lucky visitors looking at?
 photo afterjoy9736_zpsc3571a39.jpg
 photo afterjoy9857_zps40b278b5.jpg
And this:
 photo afterjoy9844_zps1e69a25e.jpg
And this:
 photo afterjoy9787_zps58356e65.jpg
The garden snuggles into the surrounding forest, like a kitten on a pillow.
 photo afterjoy9792_zpsa1086490.jpg
There are panoramas of texture.
 photo afterjoy9841_zpsc2d54dfc.jpg
 photo afterjoy9842_zps3e769c59.jpg
Plants from all over the world:  dahlias and cannas.
 photo afterjoy9832_zpse8629137.jpg
Lilies and bananas.
 photo afterjoy9831_zps5f1bb8b4.jpg
Sedum from Switzerland and Dasylirion from West Texas.
 photo afterjoy9827_zpsc5e649dd.jpg
Bamboo, too!
 photo afterjoy9802_zps6187713c.jpg
All carefully brought together by two very dedicated gardeners.
 photo afterjoy9806_zps6ffded45.jpg
Two very dedicated gardeners who are masters of management.
 photo afterjoy9779_zpsa250ac8d.jpg
Masters of color and design.
 photo afterjoy9772_zps15263cf5.jpg
Plant nuts, too:  a monstrose conifer!
 photo afterjoy9763_zps324f63f2.jpg
A haven, a home.
 photo afterjoy9760_zps8d8f0166.jpg

 photo afterjoy9735_zpsf009bd2f.jpg

 photo afterjoy9724_zps4d42c78a.jpg
It all glowed.
 photo afterjoy9719_zps66651619.jpg
Can you comprehend the dedication required?
 photo afterjoy9716_zps40167b4f.jpg

 photo afterjoy9712_zps7d4160af.jpg

 photo afterjoy9710_zpsfe0d0d89.jpg
 A labor of love.
 photo afterjoy9704_zpsecb93907.jpg
A dream.
 photo afterjoy9700_zps96de8fa9.jpg
It was perfect.
 photo afterjoy9693_zps76f0e17a.jpg
The one terrible flaw?  That we had to leave.
 photo afterjoy9750_zps53dc3bae.jpg


  1. A garden that had everything, it was a magical gardening experience being there.

  2. You captured some nice details! How long do you think it would take you to see everything here with the level of focus that you really wanted to -- 8 hours? There was just so much to discover! (Only the heat made me grateful we had limited time there.)

    1. All day, probably two. I felt I barely saw anything. Can you imagine what the light there must be like at sunrise?

  3. ALL you photos are wonderful but the shots of the Canna and the butterfly are spectacular! As to this garden, it's magnificent. And the fact that this was somehow constructed and maintained by 2 gardeners makes me kick myself every time I whine over some obstacle I encounter in the garden.

    1. A really magnificent achievement--and the owners were so very nice about our hoard descending upon them. I was in awe of what they were able to do. The cultivated area is something like 2 acres!

  4. Well done Hoov..and yes, we barely saw anything. I wonder if they have a guest room-I really think I need to spend the night--sunrise, sunset and cookies for dessert !

    1. Wouldn't that be great? Wouldn't even need the cookies, just all the flowers.

  5. Hopefully next year it will be open to the public again, I really want to see this one!

    1. It's in the "not-to-be-missed" category.

  6. I fully enjoyed this magnificent garden, your pictures are outstanding, especially the butterfly on the Crocosmia. Your following words are outstanding: "the garden snuggles into the surrounding forest, like a kitten on a pillow" . I think you are a fantastic poet too.

    1. I was lucky to see the butterfly. Someone else saw it first, but their camera battery had gone out. I'm glad you enjoyed the post. Thank you!

  7. Such a beautiful and magnificent garden, an amazing achievement, wonderful photos dear Hoover.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. It was even better in person. But also quite warm.

  8. Wow, that butterfly with the Crocosmia...it´s like a dream...

  9. When the 2015 HPSO book of open gardens arrives next spring I believe I'll be looking for this one first and planning my visit to arrive at opening and not leave until they kick me out.

    1. There is so much to see you will not have enough time.

  10. I loved this garden on that hot and muggy Friday when we were there, but I would love to experience it on a misty day. Can you imagine how magical it would be?

    Great photos. I love your metaphor: "The garden snuggles into the surrounding forest, like a kitten on a pillow." What a perfect description.

    1. Oh yes, a thin fog would have been awesome. (and cooler!)

  11. Like a good mystery novelist, you had me hooked with that title, wondering what the flaw could possibly be. Shoulda figured that one out before turning the last page.


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