Fling 2014: Pam Said To Put People In The Photos

Pam said people belonged in garden photos.  They add to the scenery.  So here are gardens with people in them.  
Feet made for interesting additions.  They provide scale, for one thing.
 photo peeps9934_zps42bcc935.jpg
Blue toenail polish was an extra bonus in showing the size of a Gunnera leaf.
 photo peeps0112_zpsb2ea6bcc.jpg
People can provide architectural interest in a mass of foliage, like a big empty pot.   Handy when there's no big empty pot in the viewfinder.
 photo peeps9803_zps0a929121.jpg

 photo peeps9717_zps98d7097c.jpg
I liked the balance on this one, a close pair of people and a farther away pair.  They might as well be Yew.
 photo peeps9982_zpsa693a0a7.jpg
Oh why oh why didn't I have the presence of mind to get someone to walk behind the sculpture so they were framed by it? 
 photo peeps9949_zpse56c30cd.jpg
Most people were taking photos--photo of people taking photos.  Hmm...
 photo peeps9810_zps428ca9b1.jpg
Photos are serious business to garden bloggers.
 photo peeps9497_zpsb8bf238e.jpg
I wonder how many photos I ruined, walking past people taking pictures, me in an ornamental plant-induced haze.  I apologize now for whatever I did.
 photo peeps9483_zps6f19e06b.jpg
It did get exhausting after a while.
 photo peeps9386_zpsb0f6821a.jpg
Many conversations appeared intense.
 photo peeps9699_zps549bf574.jpg
So intense you wonder about the conversation.
 photo peeps9865_zps156c95dd.jpg
 photo peep0384_zps0c99725b.jpg
I really wanted a photo of a lot people all staring at their smart phones, ignoring the gardens.  My fellow Flingers, however, were really looking at the gardens.
 photo peeps9948_zps5e1d2f09.jpg
Anyone with a colorful hat made for a great photo.
 photo peeps0164_zpscc4281cc.jpg
This hat was my favorite.
 photo peeps9599_zps2072d3ac.jpg
A pretty hat can make a garden photo better.
 photo peeps9792_zpsfc51f6fa.jpg
The best photos were of people faced away from the camera, looking at the garden.  You and the person in the photo are both looking at the same thing.  Something magic in that.
 photo peep0096_zps643d8970.jpg
 Expecto Monardum!
 photo peeps9937_zpse1911a41.jpg
 photo peep0003_zpsc663cc31.jpg
I was a little worried for the safety of whatever the cat was looking at.
 photo peeps9495_zps7a814f1a.jpg
I got a kick out of all the stuff stuffed into storage for the tour.  Then I saw the inadvertent self-portrait.  
 photo peeps0106_zps256a5bef.jpg
Is she taking our picture?!?  Yes I was.  Pam said to.
 photo peeps9929_zps2f6db785.jpg
Posed ones are my least favorite, but these two brings back so much fun and so many happy conversations.
 photo peeps9403_zpsf2000ebb.jpg

 photo peeps9404_zps037142ec.jpg
If you don't like this post, complain to Pam. In the meantime, I need to practice my people-photography.  They are more difficult subjects than plants.  They move like tall grass on a windy day, like birds.


  1. You always take such good photos, in this lot i like the way most of the photos have a relationship between the environment and the people, not just a person in the way of a plant, or a person posing infront of a plant.

  2. LOVED THIS! Thanks Hoov, just when the Fling memories start to fade a post like this brings back all the warmth.

  3. The only other thing more interesting than the gardens visited were the people who visited :) I've always waited for moments when there's no one on the scene before I took photos, as much as feasible anyway. But photos with people in it takes on a different dimension, breathes more life and action into the photo. Great fling post as usual!

    1. I always wait for an empty garden also--having people in the pictures was a whole new complication. It worked more often than I expected.

  4. Very cute. And the people DO add perspective.

  5. How fun! great series of photos. I especially love the "Expecto Monardum". I just finished rereading that series and it's such fun

    1. I agree, the books are so fun. Adult fiction is pretty awful these days. There are so many charming or interesting YA books--it's where it's at.

  6. Great photos dear Hoover, nice to see the people amongst the plants, it does give you some perspective of the size of some of the garden areas and plant size.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thank you Dianne. They do add to the photos--whether they want to or not! ;)

  7. Your post brought back many happy memories (gosh, that sounds like the Fling was years in the past). I must admit I didn't take more than a handful of people pictures. I usually wait until people are out of the frame before I press the shutter button. But Pam is onto something for sure...

    1. It's seems like far in the past and yesterday, at the same time. I think Pam is on to something.

      Also I am, in that people on garden tours should wear pretty hats.

  8. I well remember all the battle rattle, camera, charger, glasses, room key, water bottle (thanks for the one you gave me), name tag, etc, to keep track of, and count it as a small triumph that I successfully did so...with some help ;)

    1. That little ID badge was really very helpful. I crammed all kinds of stuff in there. It was like a purse.

  9. Love all these photos! You are right that it was difficult to take a photo of the gardens without another blogger in the photo, usually one with camera in hand, too. But you have created a beautiful collage of memories with all these portraits--I especially love the one of Lisa hidden by the grasses--I'd recognize that purple hat anywhere! I noticed myself in several of these photos, and now I wonder why we didn't meet--or perhaps we did? So sorry if I didn't introduce myself, Gail; I was in a plant-induced haze much of the time, too:)

    1. Happy you enjoyed the pictures. Sorry I didn't meet you, if I didn't. It was overwhelming at times, so many plant nuts to yak with, and then all the plants, and on and off the bus, and being away from home. It was a blast, all in all.

  10. Great shots! And how fun to see people in the pictures (proves I really was there!). In the future, I plan to heed the advice Pam gave you, and include people in more of my pictures in the future.
    It was so nice to meet you and chat during lunch at the Rose Garden.

    1. It was lovely talking to you also. Your comment once again reminds me how fun the Fling was. Garden after garden and wonderful people with which to discuss them all..what is better than that?


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