Intercity Cactus And Succulent Show 2014

 Agave albopilosa on the trophy table.

Lots and lots of photos;  I got tired going through them.  We arrived a few minutes after opening time (9 am) but the parking lot was already packed.  Luckily the electric vehicle charging spots were open.  The chargers look like they've been out of order for years, but it gave us a parking space.
 photo inter1232_zpsaa102ed0.jpg
We went to the show first and the plant sale afterwards.  The plant sale was mobbed.  The show was pretty quiet in comparison, and I was able to get some decent photos. 
Could not resist getting a little Aloe erinacea, my sole purchase. 
 photo inter1235_zps3075bc2d.jpg
The show had so many beautiful plants it got overwhelming.  I had to look at this photo carefully to realize the spines are arranged like a spiral staircase.  Do you see it?
 photo inter1122_zpse2d63328.jpg
The head-as-vase is fairly common, but this one (commercial exhibit, not a show entry) I thought very well done:
 photo inter1130_zpsdbc23e7c.jpg
Don't these spines remind you of shredded coconut?
 photo inter1105_zps88d1ac59.jpg
This ultra-rare Euphorbia looks a lot like a dead Fuchsia.
 photo inter1047_zps90481bce.jpg
That beauty on the left was a star at the recent Huntington show, but here it's just one of many perfectly grown and staged plants.
 photo inter1024_zps90678abc.jpg
How about the foliage on this Euphorbia?  Wowza!
 photo inter1021_zpse13e299d.jpg
This Pseudolithos looks like a tennis ball after Boris gets through with it.  
 photo inter1020_zps6dcc00f5.jpg
This was a cool idea for the "display of multiple" category, but it could have been a little better done--the orange edges bugged me.  
 photo inter1015_zps595c9d79.jpg
This entry in the "staging" category was a crowd favorite.  There was a Siamese fighting fish and some water plants in that mason jar. 
 photo inter1013_zps39b32ef0.jpg
In the crested category:
 photo inter1006_zpsc6c76034.jpg
Yes, that's a Pelargonium.  The green ribbons were special awards--each judge got to hand one out to especially wowza plants.
 photo inter1055_zps6075cea9.jpg
Two very elegant winners on the trophy table.  Sleek, minimalist.
 photo inter0986_zps418a7137.jpg
This crested...something was another green-ribbon winner.
 photo inter0971_zps6372dd84.jpg
I got so many, many photos...if you'd like a look, here's the slideshowHopefully that link works.  
The Intercity show at the LA Arboretum is also open tomorrow.


  1. Hoov, the slideshow ink worked but was 'private' and thus I was not able to view ....

    1. Very sorry, K. I changed it to "public"--hope that works.

  2. A great slideshow dear Hoover, so many beautiful, unusual and interesting plants.
    xoxoxo ♡

  3. Very restrained in only having one purchase Gail! So many beauties but I'm most drawn to the elegant duo , second to the last pic.

    1. That Crassula is an intriguing thing--it's a hybrid, but of what? One wonders if crossing a C. ovata with an Echeveria is at all possible. There was a couple of similar ones like that for sale, and I wish now I'd bought one just to try to figure out what it is.

  4. OMG!!!! So many fabulous and fantastic plants. Wow! That crested plant (what is it?) is unbelievable.

    1. I did not get the name on that beauty, unfortunately. Uncrested, it looked very, very different. Shows I find very chaotic and it's difficult to get the shot of the label sometimes.

  5. super duper catalog of the weird and wonderful!

    1. It is wonderful and humbling to see Nature's amazing variety.

  6. WOW. So many amazing plants, it seems rude to just select one to comment on.


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