A Trip To Plant Depot For Agave 'Ivory Curls'

Worth the drive!

We made the drive down to Plant Depot in San Juan Capistrano over the weekend, more for an outing than for plant acquistion, but it so happened new stock had just arrived--including some very desirable and uncommon Agaves.
'Snow Glow' is a sport of 'Blue Glow':
 photo a02371_zpsa89ebe36.jpg
A variegated Agave schidigera.  Oooh!
 photo a02368_zps4b0aae2d.jpg
Agave salmiana ferox 'Medio Picta' aka 'Alex Agave'.  Wowee!
 photo a02369_zpsc79acd0b.jpg
Yes, of course I wanted them all, but it was 'Ivory Curls', a variegated form of Agave gypsophila, that came home with us.  
 photo a02469_zps97ed2144.jpg
And also Aloe 'Rooikappie', because I have a specific area waiting for this free-blooming hybrid, and there were ten rosettes in this one gallon pot, a great deal:
 photo a02461_zps4c4ceb30.jpg
Here is 'Roikappe' planted in a road median in Newport Beach with 'Little John' Callistemnon.  It puts on a grand show.
 photo a02459_zpsb9aa13c3.jpg
The Plant Depot cat gave us the once-over.
 photo a02374_zpsd0426a6d.jpg
There were plenty of other plants to enjoy, if not to purchase.  The blue on this morning glory was unreal, but of course no morning glories allowed here--the plant kind, anyway.
 photo a02382_zps0d376977.jpg
These pumpkin holders were creative and cute, but I don't need a pumpkin holder. 
 photo a02383_zpsb49847f2.jpg
I may need pink muhley grass some day, though.  
 photo aslope2378_zps340d0d13.jpg
It looked terrific with this Pennisetum.  Think of it with a pink-striped Phormium.
 photo a02379_zpse3e9eb66.jpg 
There are some interesting plants and buildings to look at in the neighborhood as well.  I always enjoy this streamline moderne office building nearby.  
 photo a02387_zps51dcc75d.jpg
So cool!  I love the stand-up street numbers from a practical as well as an aesthetic perspective. 
 photo a02390_zpsb5f866fc.jpg 

 photo a02404_zps9d00f164.jpg
A turn of the head brings this Dracaena into view:
 photo a02391_zps08bf02f7.jpg
The Salvia leucantha at its base, at peak bloom.
 photo a02394_zpsfb156609.jpg
Nice Opuntia nearby.
 photo a02397_zps6a4965fb.jpg
Please, please don't sign and date the Opuntia.
 photo a02401_zps64852c26.jpg
Seed pod on the Hesperaloe. 
 photo a02399_zpsb5b15d9c.jpg
A fun weekend outing with my Beloved, and new plants.


  1. I can't imagine a better way to spend your weekend. I'll have to visit Plant Depot someday - I wondered where I could find 'Snow Glow.' Was the Pennisetum 'Cherry Sparkler'?

    1. Not sure on the Pennisetum--I didn't check the tag. It was a fun outing--there is the mission there to look at if you are into that, a few "antique" (junk) stores to browse, lots of non-chain local places to eat, places to park, the ocean close enough so that there's always a breeze, so it's a nice way to spend a morning.

  2. You scored big! 'Ivory Curls' has been near the top of my wish list for quite a while now. I've never seen it in a Northern California nursery. Your specimen is particularly beautiful--and completely flawless.

    That 'Snow Glow' is a beauty too. I think you need to go back for it, LOL.

    Thank you also for showing us the area around the nursery. Like you, I really like the architecture of that office building.

    1. I know. I've never seen any of those for sale at a garden center before, ever. Odd how often a garden center or nursery will have the good stuff exactly when we are not looking for it.

  3. Wow, wish our garden centre had those kinds of agaves here. A nice selection of rare agaves there, if I saw them it would have been very difficult for me to resist not buying them all. Lovely looking area too.

    1. It was tough to leave that 'Snow Glow' behind. My neighbor ended up with the schidigera, so I can go visit it!

  4. Sounds like you had a great day to the plant depot, the agave looks rather alien to me, but so does all agaves! I know a few of them are possible to grow outdoors here in London, but they grow so big that I would not be able to fit them in my flower beds, and they would certainly look out of place here! In your garden the ivory curls will look right at home :-)

    1. I think your garden is absolutely perfect as it is, no Agaves required. (Agaves have their own charm, though...)

  5. I must have found my Snow Glow at a plant show. Wait, I'll check my blog...
    Well, I don't mention which show, but it was before September 2013.
    I'd probably have chosen that same agave to bring home. What a beauty.

  6. Wonderful plant photos dear Hoover, the buildings have an "art deco" look to them and I like the big numbers. Your purchases are great especially the Agave Roikappe, so lovely with all of those buds waiting to blossom. The Dracaena in the garden is spectacular.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. Thanks, Dianne. When the plants are that pretty, the photos are so easy.

      Streamline Moderne is late Art Deco, and celebrates the glamorous ocean liners of the era.

    2. Thank you dear Hoover, I like that style of architecture.
      xoxoxo ♡

  7. Replies
    1. When I spotted it, I thought my eyeballs were going to fall out.

  8. I found both the yellow variegated A. salmiana ferox and 'Ivory Curls' while in the Bay Area last week. At $50 ea I left them behind. It hurt but was the right thing to do, after all I do live in Oregon...I can't have all the cool agaves, even though I want them...

    1. $50? Whoa. I wouldn't have bought either at that price, and neither are particularly cold-hardy.

      Well, maybe when you build a big glassed-in conservatory...

  9. What amazing plants. We can get most of those except the ferox, but the difference in size is amazing.

    1. Must be the lack of marauding, digging, urban foxes. (And all the sun).

  10. STUNNING agaves! I want that muhley grass too.

  11. I am not a "pink" girl, but that muhley grass and pennisetum are making me question my motives...


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