Waiting for better weather, stuck inside.  The heat has been terrible since the middle of last week.
'Joe Hoak' progresses.
 photo Joe2072_zps1426a429.jpg
The baby Oak is five feet tall (150 cm) now, and oblivious to heat.  
 photo oak2090_zps455af7f3.jpg
The beautiful Ozothamnus succumbed.
 photo zz2099_zpsca57c844.jpg
The pumpkins are almost ready.
 photo zz2101_zps401d9587.jpg
I wait indoors, restless and grouchy, so desperate for activity I washed the floors again.

Natasha knows what to do.
 photo natasha2040_zpse8bc8b82.jpg


  1. I'm feeling incarcerated inside too. Even working outside in early evening is impossible when the thermometer reads 96F. I turned off the AC at midnight last night and it was still 83 outside. Cranky understates the situation. I wish I could take it in stride like Natasha. Best wishes for cooler days on the horizon.

    1. Heat incarcerated! That's it. Thursday we are supposed to get 10 degrees of relief, keeping fingers crossed.

      Natasha is so cool, even when it isn't.

  2. It's 55 degrees outside here today. Hard to believe you are in the midst of a heat wave. I'd rather be cold than hot although I'm not looking forward to the first frost at all. Natasha has the right idea

    1. 55, that sounds so good right now. Ahhhhh! I'd rather be cold than hot right now, too, but ask me again next winter, if we get one. I am guessing frost means the demise of all your gorgeous potted arrangements?

  3. I just dunked my head under a hose, and we've been dunking Ein in a little basin all day. So sorry about the Ozothamnus! Anything I planted in summer is either dead or struggling. July seemed so mild! And I'll mention here that I loved the Kuzma garden post.

    1. You went outside?!? It's after 7 and still over 90F here. :( B&N say woof! to Ein.

  4. The flower spike on "Joe Hoak" is looking good, thank goodness the heat has not effected it, sad about the Ozothamnus, always sad to lose a plant. Your floor looks wonderful and Natasha is taking advantage of the cool surface. You were saying that Autumn/Fall is your worst season for bush fires. Summer and the beginning of Autumn are the worst here,as the heat of Summer lingers on and then we get the high winds. Try and keep cool dear Hoover.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. So you get your strong winds in Summer--that must be awful. Hope you avoid brush fires this coming summer, and a beautiful spring, first. Natasha and Boris are enjoying the cool floor. I keep an ice pack handy, it helps a lot to cool off.


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