Random Saturday; New Aloes

 Ordinary plastic owl decoys made dramatic via a clever Halloween paint job.  They look better painted like this than with the attempt at realism the average plastic owl receives.  This was at Roger's Halloween boutique, which had lots of super cool stuff for sale, though the only truly frightening aspect were the prices. 

Four new little baby Aloes have joined the collection:  alooides, burhii, tomentosa, petricola.  Arid Lands is having an Agave and Aloe sale for September. 
 photo aimee1955_zps0ae675d1.jpg
Anemone 'Pretty Lady Emily' now in full bloom.
 photo aimee1942_zps2a96be94.jpg
'Joe Hoak' continues on his way.
 photo aimee1931_zpsfb39bab7.jpg
The sun lit up the center of this day lily.  When looking at the photo on the screen, it was only then I noticed the Mantid hanging off the bottom of the flower on the right hand side.
 photo aimee1867_zps94a81289.jpg
The dragonfly landed right in front of me as I was standing looking at fallen Dahlias. 
 photo dragonfly1861_zpsf6ac150a.jpg
Speaking of the fallen, beautiful Stachys 'Bello Grigio' dropped dead.  Oh, well.
 photo aimee1473_zps68910c73.jpg
The Digiplexis just keeps blooming.
 photo aimee1706_zps484509e9.jpg
The Koi are having a good summer.
 photo color0857_zpsaca5db5e.jpg
So is 'Aimee Vibert'
 photo aimeevibert1703_zps43481a46.jpg
So is 'Belindas Dream', of course.
 photo bd1952_zps8af7fff1.jpg 
Those look nice together.
 photo color1243_zps1fdb7d62.jpg
And that with the sun.
 photo aimee1743_zps6d86f161.jpg
Silver silk Leucadendron argentea is not in my garden, to close with another Roger's shot.  I got the photo, though.
 photo argentea1740_zpsc940e6f5.jpg

I'm not focused.  Several days of 105F (40 C) weather are expected, starting today. 


  1. Oh, what a bummer about the Stachys. I've been wanting one this year, after seeing it in several gardens. Now I'm starting to hear it's maybe not so great...

    1. I wonder about the stuff it was raised in, the sawdust. I'll bet a 'Blue Glow' that was the essential problem. I will try again if I see them for sale again. Too gorgeous not to have!

  2. Your Japanese anemones look beautiful. It looks as though mine won't make an appearance this year. Have you had any bug problems with the Digiplexis? I cut my 3 smaller plants back and noticed that mealy bugs have appeared on the underside of the bottom leaves - I'm blaming drought-related stress.

    1. I ran out to check my Digi after I read your comment. Yes indeedy, the start of both mealies, aphids, and even a whitefly or two. I gave mine a generous soak of water at the base and then hit the pests with alcohol spray. Thanks for the alert--hopefully we both caught that in time. It's the dry heat and those blasted ants. The anemone--I hope mine doesn't turn out to be too vigorous.

  3. The koi must be enjoying the summer heat, waters looking great too! The photo of the daylily is superb, and great timing with the mantid on it.

    1. They are having a really good summer. Happy koi = happy koi keeper.

  4. Love your random post! Really 105 degrees? Too hot! Do the koi like it this hot? Your image of Anemone 'Pretty Lady Emily' looks like a painting - so dramatic with the black background. Dragonfly- amazing!

    1. The koi pond is at about 80F, which they like: it gives the fish a good appetite.

  5. Beautiful flowers and foliage and light dear Hoover.
    xoxoxo ♡

  6. Nice additions to your aloe collection. Gotta head over to the Arid Lands web site to see what they have. I almost bought an A. alooides and tomentosa at Annie's Annuals a few weeks ago :-).

    I hope 105°F didn't materialize...

    1. No, only 96F so far, but it's bad enough. More today and tomorrow. :(

      Happy shopping!

  7. For the next week, we have 40-80% rain chances and (maybe) low 80's...I'll send some relief if I can for your 105. The Leucodendron and Echinacea are amazing in form and that lighting!

    Somehow, you capture the personality of the Koi like you do your dogs...they look almost human, but in a good way.

    1. I saw on the news that more monsoonal is heading your way via Odile. Hopefully just some wonderful rain, not flooding.


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