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A circle of grand objects casts a spell of sorts, even when the circle is a group of concrete bunnies at the Newport Civic Center park.  

Perhaps we see a circle of something as an invitation to join a cohesive group.
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A circle that surrounds us and penetrates us; it binds the galaxy together.

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It evokes a meeting of minds, a Loya Jurga, a convocation, a pow wow, a jam session, the big round table in "Dr. Strangelove".  Plus it looks cool. 
 photo Dr_Strangelove_-_The_War_Room_zps4d74bd2a.png
Photo from wikimedia commons
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A lone megalith has its own statement to make.
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 photo 563px-Heelstone_zps3ae92827.jpg
Photo of Stonehenge Heelstone from wikimedia commons

The rationale for the circle of bunnies at the Newport Beach Civic Center complex was that it was something for the little ones without the tacky visual qualities of a "tot lot".  On the day we visited, the bunnies were dressed purple scarves for Alzheimer's Awareness Month.  
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I liked Bunnhenge.  It must be the Druid in me. 
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  1. I quite like bunnhenge, I probably shouldn't but there is something fun about it. I can imagine the kids love it.

    1. Yes the kids we saw were hugging and petting the bunnies before they jumped on them.

  2. Bunnhenge, it sounds and looks like fun. And we can better have concrete bunnies in our garden than so many living bunnies, help.

    1. Yes, none of those bunnies ate any grass! :^)

  3. I'm glad you explained the purple ribbons - I kept wondering how I could have missed those, even from a distance. I have to get there and check it out for myself on one of my sojourns to Roger's.

    1. We really enjoyed it. I think you would also.


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