Go For A Walk?

A boy and his toys

Go for a walk?
 photo boris2513_zps4c602611.jpg
A shady walk, in this heat.  
 photo Boris2583_zps71ba8271.jpg
The Schinus molle make an evocative canopy 
 photo a00002540_zps92883ccc.jpg
Oh...is that one dying?
 photo boris2539_zps4f3254ca.jpg
Everything is so dry.
 photo a0002537_zps5c67461c.jpg
That tree has dropped its leaves.
 photo boris2546_zpsd83dc13e.jpg
Just the berries are left.
 photo boris2547_zpse3cfc543.jpg
Better get home.  It's too hot to walk in a fur coat.
 photo a00002553_zpse0220a89.jpg
We hope it cools down soon, and that the trees stop dying.
 photo a00002535_zps2664fa32.jpg
 In the meantime, toys.  
 photo awell_zps10ce4e80.jpg


  1. Oh Boris and Natasha, I feel sorry for you in those heavy coats in such heat! I wish you rain and cool weather!

    1. We did go quite early, so it wasn't so bad, but I'm very grateful for the wishes. We need both rain and cool desperately.

  2. Great photos of the puppies dear Hoover, they look tired after their walk. I hope the weather cools down for you all soon. The fire brigade did some hazard reduction burning in the bushland behind my property and at the end of my road at the weekend. We have all been choking with smoke ever since, the smell seems to have gotten in despite keeping the windows and doors closed. Too much of a reminder of past bush fires, I hope they have a better summer this year, such a dangerous occupation.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. I feel bad for your Dianne, that smoke smell is the worst thing. I can't imagine how the fire-fighters can bear it. They have courage to do that difficult work. Hopefully the brush reduction keeps you all safe this summer.

  3. I hope those aren't dying especially as they have grown to that size and the trunks and branches look great from than angle. Boris is adorable as usual!

    1. A couple of the smaller ones look dead. They can be rather short-lived, but they grow very fast. I don't think any of those trees are more than about 15 years old.

      Boris is always adorable!

  4. I *LOVE* the photo of the pepper trees. So tranquil. I assume this is in your neighborhood?

    1. Thanks! Yes, this is one of the trails in the neighborhood. Our favorite right now since it is the shadiest.

  5. I enjoyed the walk, especially since I didn't have to deal with the heat. The pups look happy, heat or no heat.

  6. I hope Boris and Natasha enjoyed their walk despite the heat. The temperature came down considerably here today - I hope you saw a similar reduction.

    1. B&N enjoy everything except baths.

      Yes! Actually able to do some dead-heading, and wow did the garden need it! I hope you had some fun out there also.

  7. I like California pepper tree ... it is so graceful and has such interesting relations like poison oak and cotinus, cashew and mango, Chinese pistache and mastic, laurel sumac and lemonadeberry ... all of which do well here. The fifth photo down looks like a Van Gogh painting with rhythmic brushstrokes; I also like the sun/shade contrast in #4.

    For some reason all of your comments for September 29 and 30 and October 2 ended up in the section "awaiting moderation" without being highlighted in red, not in email. I just found them and have answered them.

    1. You are right the Schinus is so graceful. I did not know what it was related to, some interesting plants!

      Not to worry about comments--free software is rarely perfect after all. (Same for paid software!)


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