All-Rose Bloom Day


In our climate, October often produces the prettiest roses of the year.  This year owing to a hot October, the roses waited until now. 
'Bishops Castle'
 photo blum4562_zps0a507939.jpg

 photo blum4559_zps717e139f.jpg
'Barcelona' a bit toasted, has superb fragrance.
 photo blum4545_zpsf7cc8ec9.jpg
'Charles Rennie Mackintosh' behind the Clematis
 photo blum4541_zps3928a14a.jpg

 photo blum4539_zpsaff3a6c2.jpg
'Geranium Red'
 photo blum4533_zps16df393f.jpg
'Souvenir de la Malmaison'
 photo blum4521_zps151ec57a.jpg
'The Ambridge Rose'
 photo blum4513_zps072c94a4.jpg
'Evelyn' again.
 photo blum4507_zps182bec33.jpg
Behind Saliva 'Hot Lips'
 photo blum4477_zps19c97e51.jpg
'Glamis Castle'
 photo blum4497_zps03083ca7.jpg
The ruffled-edge 'Easy Does It'
 photo blum4493_zpsa9975203.jpg
Okay, not a rose, but that's the last of the Dahlias for 2014.  
 photo blue4484_zpse94711ca.jpg
'Brass Band'
 photo blum4480_zps0c3ae1a9.jpg
'Yves Piaget'
 photo blum4470_zps37235bc9.jpg
'Comtesse de Provence'
 photo aablum4488_zps777dcd0b.jpg
 photo aBlum4606_zps07b4b884.jpg 

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Happy (Rosy) Bloom Day!



  1. Gorgeous roses dear Hoover, the colours, the flower shape, the fragrance must be wonderful, a beautiful dahlia also.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Very nice to see your roses doing so well.

    1. They seem to be as happy as I am that the heat has finally subsided.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, Kris, and happy GBBD back atcha!

  4. Such a marveolus range of roses! Fantastic. I can almost feel the wonderful scent. Great captures!

    1. Thank you! The fragrance is often the best part.

  5. Your roses are beautiful. Roses here are looking like the 'last rose of summer.'

    1. Thank you Jean. There are a few weather-battered ones here also, but somehow the camera skipped those. ;^)

  6. Thanks for sharing your beautiful roses. I love that so many different climates are represented on GBBD, it means we in the frozen North can see roses from you folks down in California.

    1. I also enjoy the wide range of climates/plants for GBBD. We can envy other climates, and appreciate our own, all at once! Glad you liked the roses, Alison. I just got an Aloe glauca after admiring your greenhouse version.

  7. OMG those are beautiful. Your Evelyn is breathtaking.

    1. Thank you, Forest! You have some beautiful roses of your own (at least before the freeze).

  8. I don't grow many roses, but we have close to 3000 at work, and they have been looking great for the past month. After 25 degrees on Thursday, they me be ready for their winter sleep. Happy GBBD!

    1. Happy GBBD, Les-who-takes-the-beautiful-photos!


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