It's a Com-post!

A beautiful thing, just not visually.
The semi-buried compost barrels make gorgeous compost.  Not fast, no huge amounts, but goooood.  The barrel and lid retain moisture in our dry dry climate.  The bottom of the barrels are cut out so the material is exposed to soil, which provides access for microbes and earthworms. Being half-buried, the barrels can't fall over.  I tossed the precious finished compost around my favorite roses in anticipation of rain in a few days.
 photo aaa4987_zps2b6b96fe.jpg 

Boris anticipates a toss of the tennis ball.  Natasha continues to trim the right side of his face. 
Throw the ball.
 photo boris5011_zps9c1b7a6b.jpg
Got it.
 photo boris5015_zpsa81885d6.jpg
Natasha is bored.  She's not particularly interested in tennis balls.
 photo boris5018_zps3ab5e925.jpg
Throw it again.
 photo boris5023_zps35c1ac40.jpg
Sigh.  Boys and their toys.  
 photo boris5028_zpsfef0622f.jpg


  1. Gorgeous photos of the puppies dear Hoover and your compost looks great.
    xoxoxo ♡

  2. Boris and Natasha probably don't notice the colder temperatures at all. Thanks for the reminder about compost - I should check mine and see if I can get some spread in advance of Tuesday's storm. We got a tiny amount of drizzle this morning but I can't wait for real rain!

    1. They do notice cooler temperatures and bounce around, happy, because of it. We got a little rain also--hoping for more, much more.

  3. Natasha needs to learn symmetry when it comes to trimming Boris' facial hair :)

    1. I've talked to her about it many times, and you see the results.

  4. What gorgeous dogs! I hope you get your rain, wish I could send you some of mine.

  5. I'm curious: are there any earthworms in the compost? (since it's not in contact with soil) I'm assuming so since worm eggs seem to get everywhere.

    1. The compost in contact with the soil, as I cut out the barrels bottoms so there would be the all-important soil contact.

      In the previous location, the barrels were worm beds--not due to my efforts. They simply appeared. That was in a very shaded area in the gully. The new location gets some sun--I wonder if that is the difference. Once the hedge grows it will be shaded and perhaps that will promote the worms to reappear.

      In the old location, there were thousands of worms in there, and the compost was even better. I put many worms in the barrels in their new location, but none so far have appeared.

    2. sorry, made a typo, the compost IS in contact with the soil.


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