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Rose 'Jardin de Bagatelle' is often blotched by Botrytis, scarred by Thrips, or misshapen by extreme weather.  Every so often, as seen in the above flower, it is sweet perfection.

Saturday we went out looking for possible plants for the west slope, didn't find what we were looking for, and came home instead with a plant for the east slope, which needs some cover besides mulch.
Already in the ground.  I bought a plant I had a place for!
 photo jardin4447_zps735bbeac.jpg
 Grevillea 'Austraflora Fanfare' is predicted to grow 12" tall and up to 15' wide.  That part of the slope gets about 6 hours of sun;  this Grevillea is said to have no objection to part shade.
 photo Jardin4444_zps7317756a.jpg
I liked the shaggy effect of the toothy foliage;  that it also has bright red flowers from late winter into spring, to feed bees and hummingbirds, is pure bonus.
 photo Jardin4442_zps34b2338d.jpg
We also managed a visit to Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden in Claremont.  The drought has not been kind.  
 A well established Douglas Fir, dead.
 photo rsa4288_zps98e5b92d.jpg
Cool contemporary sunshade, easier on the eyes than dead trees.
 photo rsa4351_zps4b5c4f69.jpg 
Native oaks looked better.
 photo rsa4286_zps1683d67e.jpg
There were almost no visitors.
 photo rsa4346_zps8aa923f7.jpg
A rill and reflecting pool
 photo rsa4341_zps4b1e644e.jpg
Shadows, reflections, and fallen leaves created an abstract pattern.
 photo rsa4325_zps71d251e9.jpg
A strong feeling of Autumn, despite the dry heat.  
 photo rsa4322_zps538ae0d7.jpg



  1. I've been trying to think of a place to put that same Grevillea since I saw it at a local nursery. I didn't know it can handle some shade - that opens new possibilities.

    1. The general comments are it might bloom less, but I can live with that. A shaggy carpet on a slope is what I'm aiming for, I think that would look cool.

  2. Grevillea 'Austraflora Fanfare' is great. Had one that did really well and flowered, then it died. Wh? Its drip emitter was turned off. Did I do it? Or some mischievous passer-by (it was planted next to the street)? Another mystery. But I will replace it, I liked it that much.

    1. I had a similar experience with a beautiful ground cover Manzanita, carefully gave it its own dripper to get it through the first summer. Then it died. I investigated and I realized I had not turned the dripper valve on. Entirely my fault. I felt terrible.

      Thanks for your experience with the Grevillea. I saw it on your blog after I bought mine and thought, Okay, it may have been a good choice after all. And your comment reminds me I need to give it a dripper today.

  3. No luck with grevillias, but I sure do admire that one.

    1. I'm surprised at how well 'Coastal Gem' and 'Moonlight' have done. I wasn't expecting them to be all that great. Is it too cold for them where you are?

  4. So sad seeing mature trees cark it :( what a shame.

    1. It was a shock. You expect the newly planted ones to struggle, but not one so long established. Still, there were tiny green seedlings at its base, so there is hope!


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