Waste Not

The Aeoniums on the front slope, tall and falling over, needed to be removed.  It was time to pull them all out and plant Agave ovatifolia in their space before the Agave grew too big to move.  
It's heavier than it looks.  
 photo aeonium4863_zps318d821c.jpg
Planting accomplished, what do do with a hundred or more Aeonium rosettes? 
 photo aeonium4878_zpse8912314.jpg
A temporary mass-planting on the west slope.
 photo aeonium4966_zps5bf81394.jpg
Just don't mess with his Salvia.
 photo aeonium4962_zpsed780fb6.jpg
 The Aeoniums will be able to root, and the slope won't look so empty.  I was planning to mass plant either Graptoveria 'Fred Ives' or Echeveria 'Imbricata', both better suited to a slope than the tall, top heavy Aeonium, and there are three of 'Fred' up there already, but the slope with its unused drip-spots is a perfect place to root the Aeoniums with little effort.  'Fred' and 'Imbricata' will get up there eventually.
'Fred Ives' at the right:
 photo aeonium4968_zps55782923.jpg
Echeveria 'Imbricata'
 photo aeonium4977_zps3d99b012.jpg
So the slope planting continues.  

As Aloe capitata prepares to bloom...
 photo AloeCapitata4933_zpsfb117df8.jpg
...the largest of last year's capitata seedlings nears 4" (10 cm).  The 'Blue Glow' seedlings remain tiny...
 photo aeonium4975_zps17b7bf49.jpg
...while Encheveria 'Arlie Wright' is taking her time about blooming.
 photo aeonium4969_zpsfff82449.jpg
Waste Not. 


  1. I love that you have huge buckets full of "extras" to plant. Or maybe it's the idea of the huge almost-empty bed that I love. It's probably the fact that you get to be planting at all right now...

    1. For your climate there is the plant-catalog-reading-by-the-fire ritual, right?

  2. Some of those dark-toned Aeoniums really do get leggy but I always find a place to give them a new start too - the color is too pretty to toss, as your opening photo so aptly demonstrates. Great picture of the hummingbird too!

    Best wishes for a happy Thanksgiving!

    1. The opportunity for a new start without much work was irresistible!

  3. Sometimes the plantings I do for purely practical reasons turn out to be the greatest successes. I can see that developing with your slope.

    1. Think so? That would be so nice...I'll have to think about what I've in the garden done for practical reasons and see how they measure up. You've given me some food for thought!


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