Favorite Photos of 2014

Aloe capitata in bloom, December
 photo asm5259_zps63080a55.jpgRita in the pond with raindrops (!!!rain!!!), December
I took thousands of garden photos in 2014;  thankfully most of them did not appear on this blog as they were out of focus, overexposed, or both, about 90% of the time.   

These are some of my favorites of 2014--not my best photos, maybe, but my favorites, or the ones that grabbed my attention for some reason not even I know. 

 This photo is flawed--I wish I'd removed the white roses in the vase first--they don't belong there--but these red 'Beloved' roses, just opening after a heavy rain, really were that gorgeous.  It's the roses, more than the photo.  I never want to forget how luciously extravagantly red they were on a wet grey morning.
 photo asm5186_zpsd1983d3b.jpg
This was the Floramagoria garden in Portland in July.  Marvelous garden.  I liked all the differing textures in this photo, and the purple/orange/yellow/blue color combination, and remembering being surrounded by happy plant nuts oohing and ahhing over it all.
 photo asm9948_zps1f510ac2.jpg
Many of my favorites this year were taken at the Fling.  Deer scarer at the Portland Japanese garden.  Luminous green rippled metal mirror of water.
 photo asm0085_zpsb526158d.jpg

Fling yet again, an umbellifer at West Wind Farm.
 photo asm9909_zps9a7ed601.jpg
The same location.  Love lavender!  The image brings to mind the scent.  Think on the scent of lavender...
 photo asm9863_zpsb0cff97f.jpg
This was Joy Creek Nursery.  Overexposed, but the bees, and the light, and the Eryngiums with their stiff spiked bracts...
 photo asm9678_zpsebfbb90b.jpg
A mass of Rudbeckias, also at Joy Creek.  Warmth itself.
 photo asm9647_zpsa622c4e1.jpg
A Lotus flower at the Huntington. Elegant dignity.
 photo asm9082_zpse54a205b.jpg

Also at the Huntington, flowers from Pachycereus marginatus:
 photo dgPachycereusMarginatus5764_zpsbb2cfb8f.jpg
Flowers and spines on an Opuntia:
 photo dg5742_zps1caa04eb.jpg
My neighbor's house, because it looks so very California.  If only the Citrus tree on the right had been loaded with ripe fruit, it would have been even better.  And if only one of their cats, the imperious grey-and-white one, was seated in the wrought-iron basket, the high throne from which he surveys his domain.
 photo 4-10-5382_zpse4dc1027.jpg
Another neighbor's Aloe dorotheae got seriously Pinterested.
 photo 4-10-5333_zps67bb042e.jpg
Clematis 'Wisley'--I never get tired of trying to get the ultimate photo of this--still trying.
Clematis 'Wisley' photo 4-27-6305_zpsc6318aba.jpg
Siamese twinsy Camellias
 photo a-16-camellia3913_zps5a803d47.jpg
Dreamy bokeh, lime Aloe flowers.
Aloe unknown photo dgAloeCfTomentosa3807_zpsb5b65bb4.jpg
The variety of shapes and textures here isn't bad.
Textural contrast photo dg3744_zps02e7be4d.jpg
And here.  February at the Huntington, a blue waterfall of Agave leaves.
Agave franzosinii photo dgagave3619_zps5589f426.jpg
Also back in February, my Tulip experiment.
 photo 2-6-3330_zpsf317a829.jpg
Well, I could go on, but that's enough.  I hope your 2014 was a year of many beauties, and may your 2015 be even better. 


  1. All gorgeous! I had to bow out of the Fling this year, and missing Floramagoria is my sharpest regret. Maybe it will open again to the public in 2015, and I'll get a second chance.

    1. Bribe your way in if you have to. One of the best residential gardens I have ever seen.

  2. So many fantastic photos from a great photographer! Don't underestimate how good you are!!

    Looking forward to MANY more photos in 2015. Merry Christmas!

  3. It's hard for me to believe you could ever produce a poor picture - those posted on your blog are always extraordinary. I look forward to seeing what beauty 2015 brings.

  4. 2014 was a year of beauties, many of which were here, on your blog. Thank you for being a bit of my eternal sunshine dream.

  5. How is it you can grow clematis and camellias in Southern California but I cant in South Florida? (I'm jealous!) Are they particularly heat loving varieties? Also, would love to know more about your Tulip Experiment as I cant grow these down here either. What's your secret?

    1. Did you try a viticella hybrid Clematis? ('Perle d'Azur', 'Polish Spirit', 'Etoile Violette', etc) Those seem to do well in my no-chill climate. Also, look at the species C. crispa that is native to the Southeast US--cute flower!

      No secret, everyone here does it, tulips are easy, you chill them in the fridge (not the freezer) for 6-8 weeks and then plant them in the coolest-soil spot you have and hope there isn't a heat wave when they bloom. Do not keep any fruit in the fridge for that chill period because the chemicals given off by fruits, especially apples, will affect the bulbs in a negative way, and label the bulbs as non-edible tulip bulbs so no one thinks they are food.

  6. Your photography skills are undeniable Gail, and your beautiful photos are always something to look forward to!

  7. A beautiful selection of floral images from 2014 dear Hoover, I hope your garden keeps growing so beautifully and flowers are in abundance in 2015.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. The same to you, Dianne, best wishes for a beautiful 2015!

  8. Does it mark me as a horrible person to confess that I take pleasure in knowing that there are photographic failures leading up to the stellar shots we regularly see? I'll need to see it to believe it: better show us one of these 'rejects'.

  9. You have some serious photographic talent! Beautiful pictures. There are too many favourites to name without listing 3/4 of the entire post, but the "waterfall" of agave leaves is spectacular.

  10. Loved looking at 2014 through your lens, Hoov.

  11. They are all wonderful, but the dripping water is sublime. I wish you many photos in 2015.


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