Magical Rain

My tubs runneth over.
 photo 0rain5177_zpse9cc170a.jpg
Sweet rain.
 photo 0rain5163_zpsba31a1f8.jpg 

Magic rain.
 photo rain5136_zps772551ba.jpg The Koi enjoyed it, too.
 photo LittleLess5051_zps0fc63e2c.jpg
The big surprise after the storm was our former lawn, which I allowed to die--it was thoroughly and completely dead.
 photo lawn5053_zps4d0e50c8.jpg
Do you see any living grass? 
 photo Less5042_zps141380cb.jpg
Except two days after the magical rain, there were green grass sprouts.  
 photo aaaa5220_zps68d94bcf.jpg
There's no going back to a lawn, though.  The former lawn will be my next rehabilitation project, now that the west slope is nearing a sort of completion.
 photo lawn5054_zps1252bf6e.jpg
The weather people are predicting more possible rain at the end of this week.  I need more tubs.
 photo Beloved5186_zps2b14249a.jpg

The red rose is 'Beloved', the white rose is 'Moondance'.


  1. Rain glorious rain! It's been a long time...enjoy :)

  2. I don't have the right words for your roses - even "spectacular" doesn't cut it.

    Grass is tenacious, isn't it? Thus far, the areas in which we dug down 1-1.5 feet seem to be free of grass seedlings but in the area under the tree, where the surface tree roots are still entangled with the remnants of sod netting, grass is coming back after the rain. I plant to make yet another pass at pulling out what's coming up before I lay down wood mulch but I suspect grass-pulling is going to be a long-term activity.

    1. I expected to be doing a lot of pulling in the previously removed little areas, but a couple of rounds of pulling in those spots and no more has ever appeared. I still think you will be vastly happy overall without that lawn!

  3. When I saw the first photo of your dead lawn, I thought, hmmm, I wonder if it's really dead? The third photo revealed the answer!

    The Sacramento Bee forecasts 5 inches out of the next storm system, expected for Wednesday. Yikes. I do want more rain, but let's give the succulents a chance to dry out first!

    1. I dunno, 5" of rain sounds good to me. Perhaps tarps or shower curtain liners are in order for the more vulnerable species? I think I need to cover Aloe. thraskii which is said to be easily rotted. We are predicted an inch on Friday; I would be thrilled.

      Dug down 2" this morning and at that depth the soil is still bone dry.

  4. We in rain central tend to forget the magical qualities of raindrops...except, of course, during our long, hot summers.

    1. Maybe those long hot summers are not 100% bad then?

  5. It is so magical through your photos. Enjoy it!

    We removed a strip of lawn the same way, waiting for sprouts and digging until they stopped appearing. It takes a while but it's effective.

    1. Lawn removal seems to be one area where patience pays off big!

  6. I'm so glad you're getting rain! Gorgeous arrangement of red and white roses!

  7. So wonderful that you had some good rain, I would have been out there too getting soaking wet. It is amazing how resilient grass can be.
    xoxoxo ♡

    1. I was walking around in it. Not quite dancing, but close. Okay, yes, I admit I was dancing around in it. Shhh! Don't tell anyone.

      I wasn't expecting the grass to survive. It was a surprise.


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