Neighborhood Foliage

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The sun is back.  Whether or not we get a drop more rain this season, the several inches of the last three weeks was a treat.  Foliage around the neighborhood is now clean of a half-year's coating of dust.  
A neighbor's Agave attenuata in bloom, one house over, but attenuata's foliage is always the star for me. 
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Two houses over, another.
 photo foliage5406_zps2f4b6b02.jpg
That's a weeping Callistemnon in the background.  It makes a good smallish tree here.
 photo blum5403_zps41cd886e.jpg
A rare sight, some moss come alive due to the rain.
 photo foliage5410_zps8310c065.jpg
Several volunteer Pyracanthas out on the road.  Their berries are plentiful, while the native Toyons have none at all--they skipped blooming this summer.  
 photo foliage5402_zps1ffdd3b4.jpg
Back at home, still waiting on 'Joe Hoak'.  He slowed down even more because of the overcast and rain.  I broke off the very tip of the bloom stalk in order to encourage bulbils, though apparently the bulbils will fail as plants.  What the heck.
 photo foliage5397_zps612d4c05.jpg
 His sons seem to have established themselves now.  
 photo foliage5398_zps9a9ec7c3.jpg
So that's a bit of foliage for today.  The sun is back out, time to distribute rain water and finish planting the west slope.  
Agave marmorata, clean version:
 photo afoliage5371_zps1f61efaf.jpg
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  1. Besides the obvious benefits of rain, the washing away of outdoor dust is a favorite result. I have read that about some agave bulbils too. Why do they make the effort?

    The offsets are looking good along with all that other great foliage.

    1. The "normal" colored Agave desmetiana bulbils have no problems at all, which is why I have 50 of them. It is the 'Joe Hoak' variant only that I am told fails--sigh!

  2. The clean plants and clean air is wonderful, isn't it? While we had a tiny bit of sun earlier this morning, it's gloomy here again and we've had some drizzle. In my case, I guess it's a good thing I don't have sun to pull me outside - I have a lot of house cleaning and other chores to tackle before the weekend arrives. I look forward to seeing your planted slope!

    1. House cleaning...oh yeah, that...don't remind me.

      I look forward to seeing my planted slope also!

  3. Nice foliage this month! Joe Hoak's bulbils fail as plants? So sad!

    1. A professional grower said Joe's bulbils fail once they get to about 3", which is exactly what happened to a bulbil I managed to obtain. The offsets (pups) on the other hand--well, every Joe out there is an offset. The offsets are fine, and to be treasured.

  4. Hopefully the Joe Hoak bulbils won't fail? Worth a try once you get them, who knows you might be able to prove that wrong. Failing that at least offsets do carry on fine. Nice set of foliage :)

    1. There is a reason they are hard to find. Reportedly they fail in tissue culture also. I certainly will try with JH bulbils--just won't expect success.

  5. Oh - you always have the most fabulous photos! I bet you are as stunned by enough moisture for moss as we are when we have below freezing temps in November. The times they are a'changing, to do another Dylan quote. Have a wonderful, merry Christmas!

  6. That last photo is so sculpturally beautiful.


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