Mulch Madness Some More

Early morning scented by orange blossoms.

The piles are smaller
 photo mad7514_zpsepw9wrhf.jpg
The brown blanket larger
 photo mad7537_zpsuq9rukoo.jpg
Here is roughly the same area in November of 2011. (I moved one of the Yuccas last year):
 photo Plant3655.jpg
A gorgeous late winter morning
 photo mad7512_zps2tpppvcm.jpg
Aloe 'Roikoppie' has its first bloom.
 photo mad7547_zpsfqkqlkdr.jpg
Old 'Joe Hoak' is about finished--he's a wreck. 
 photo mad7523_zpspv9hsqvu.jpg
Joe's last flowers are open.  The Dasylirion looms behind.  Back and forth.
 photo mad7525_zpsd77lunhj.jpg
What a beautiful morning, scented with orange blossom and the forest-floor tang of fresh mulch.  Fill another bucket. 
 photo mad7534_zpsfqwuyjcp.jpg
The first roses of the new season.  What a beautiful morning.
 photo mad7489_zpsgudm7gvr.jpg
Back and forth, back and forth, with my buckets of mulch.  What a beautiful morning.
 photo mad7499_zpsuxjiwvcw.jpg


  1. Who would have guessed that moving buckets of mulch could be an energizing experience?! I hope you got a shot of rain Sunday and/or Monday too.

    1. I guess I really like gardening.

      Yes, we got .35"! It was wonderful! I was going to blog about the rain with irrational joy, but I was too busy mulching.

  2. So beautiful. So California, with the bright skies and the orange blossoms. Your plants (Hoak aside) look very happy! It poured here in the foothills, with more expected this weekend...

    1. Poured? You lucky!!! Yes, a hope of rain this weekend, so I'm hurrying to finish the mulching.

  3. What a joy, the picture of "the gorgeous late winter morning" is more than gorgeous and looking at this picture I smell the orange blossom......
    Wish you happy gardening on that fabulous spot!

    1. Thank you Janneke. It is truly a joy (most of the time).

  4. No mulch here yet, If I put it down before rainy season ends ( assuming there is a rainy season) it floats around and lands elsewhere. The crystal ball has not advised me of the frost events on the horizon,nor will it scoop me on the rain. I have decided frost is over , but rain --I hope/think we will have some more. I'm glad I don't own a ski resort.

    1. We have a chance of rain on Saturday--here's hoping..

  5. Glad to share your beautiful morning.

  6. Wow, I can not get over how your hillside garden has filled in. I thought those plants would be slow starters. Everyhting looks so lush - it's snowing here today, sigh!

    1. Me also. I thought they would be slower than they have been.

      Snow! Stay warm. Spring is less than a month away! Well, calendar spring is.


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